Stranded with Louis Tomlinson

Veronica Stewart was just a normal girl, with a normal family, trying to be normal on a high-end cruise ship. But at a party that Veronica just has to go on. Does she go overboard with someone she'd never expect?


2. Finding out the news.

We arrived at the ship, and it was huge! It kind of reminded me of the Titanic.. Now I have a bad feeling about this vacation. I whip out my phone and start to text Lillie again. 

 Me: Hey I am having second thoughts. What if the Titanic happens?!

Lillie: At least you will find true love? 

Me: Yeah, but then he dies and sinks to the bottem of the ocean! 

Lillie: I can't argue with that. 

Me: Exactly!!! Help me :(

Lillie: Sorry, G2G bye

Me: Bye, 

We have the people our tickets then boarded the ship. First thing I did was go to mine and my sisters room. It was right across from our parents. Whoo Hoo. My sister walked through the door and dropped her bags while screaming very loudly. 

"What?!" I yell annoyed. 

"One Direction is on this ship!" 

"Don't you dare lie to me Kenzie." 

"I'm not!! Their room is 2 doors down from us." 

I run to the bathroom. 

"What are you doing?"

"Making myself look good!"




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