The Emotions Maker

Sam Moody is a poor little boy, His father died long time ago and he lives with his mother in a small house. Sam wants to be famous and to have money to live happily with his mother, who suffers from depression.
When Sam tries baking, he discovers that he's got a talent, a strange kind of talent that no one's ever had. Sam is extraordinary.


3. Chapter Three

“NON, je ne sera pas! Je suis un grand cuisinier, et je ne vais pas accepter ce comportement!” It was chef Risdam’s voice.

“What is he saying, Fleur?” Thomas asked. The boys’ faces all turned to Fleur, they were all shocked.

“Umm, he said. No, I vill not. I am a great cook, and I vill not accept this behaviogh!”  She said.

“What is he talking about? What behavior?” Asked Thomas.

“Shush! Listen!” Alanzo said.

They all stopped talking and heard another yell.

“C'était juste une erreur, Risdam. Nous pouvons réparer ce qu'il” It was the restaurant’s manager’s voice now. The boys looked again at Fleur for an explanation.

“It was just a mistake, Risdam. We can fix it.” Fleur translated in almost a whisper.

“Non, non je ne vais pas attendre plus longtemps. Je ne peux pas travailler ici” chef Risdam said, his voice getting nearer.

“No, no I vill not wait any longer. I cannot work here” Whispered Fleur very fast. The door burst open, it was him. His face was very red with anger, he looked so upset. He was breathing very fast. They all looked away, tried to make themselves busy with something else, trying to look as if they hadn't heard anything. Risdam was murmuring some stuff under his breath. Since Risdam had his back to them, the boys looked at Fleur but she shook her head, he was apparently cursing.

The chef was walking fast in the kitchen collecting his stuff, not even looking at the kids as if they were invisible. But when he turned to leave he looked at them in a disgusted face like they were bugs, and left. They all hated him for that and heard a faint of his voice saying,

“Agh you staying here?” In English, so he was talking to his staff. Seconds later, the whole cooking staff got in the kitchen too, and started collecting their stuff like him. Then they all left and the kitchen was full of silence. Finally Sam spoke.

“What exactly was that?“

They all shook their heads. And decided they should see the manager. The manager was so upset.

“Um, sir. What happened?”  Alanzo, who was the bravest asked.

“Chef Risdam quit. Now we have no one to cook and the food critic is coming today, and guess what? He’s so gonna write an essay about how bad our restaurant is and we’re going to close the restaurant and-“ He was so stressed.

Sam looked at his friends and found them just as shocked as he was. Alanzo had his mouth wide open and Fleur was covering her mouth with a hand. Chef Risdam can’t quit! He’s the one making this restaurant this amazing, he’s the reason people come to this restaurant from all over the world. His great talent is the reason they restaurant’s still open, the reason the kids have jobs. And if he won’t be here anymore, that means…

“Sir, that means ve vill be forced to quit our jobs and find new ones. Sir, s'il vous plaît—”

 She was interrupted by Risdam, who called for the manager to come to him on the far corner of the kitchen. When the kids were alone, Thomas said, “I...I can’t believe this, guys. Now we have to find new jobs. And I bet it’ll take us forever to find one. And who knows if we will work together or find a job as good as this—”

 “Don’t panic, Thomas,” Alanzo said, “We’ll find a way.”

 Sam was lost in his thoughts. He couldn’t imagine himself with no work, no money for himself and his mother. What will happen if  he didn’t find a job? His mother and him will start eating from the dumpsters eventually.

“Vait!” Fluer said abruptly, interrupting Sam’s thoughts, “Vhy don’t ve  start cooking? I mean, Sam made the cake perfectly today, even that it was burnt, still, something about it made us all happy, something about it is so special. Ve can make this, guys!”

The kids were still thinking about it when the manager came back, seating himself in a chair and covering his head with his both hands.

This was Sam’s chance now, he took a deep breath and told the manager.

“Umm, sir… my friends and I know a bit about cooking. Actually we've been watching the chef and we all know a bit about everything. I can cook a bit and bake, Fleur here can now make French food, Alanzo can make Italian and Thomas can make drinks. We can make a good team.” The manager thought about it for a moment.

"I don't know, kid."

"But – I guess for now it's the only way."  The manager thought once more and then nodded, sadly and slowly. He felt so desperate. When the kids saw the manager’s sadness Fleur said.

“Hey Sam, give him some of your cake so he can get a bit happy.” Fleur said. Sam was so happy. She believed in him, somebody actually believed in him finally.

“Yeah Sam, you should do it.” Thomas agreed. It wasn't just Fleur, it was Thomas too! Now Sam felt like he just ate a slice of his own cake. He nodded and gave his manager a slice.

“Here, sir. It’s gonna make you feel better, I hope.” The manager started eating, and actually, it did work. He got cheered up instantly and he complimented Sam’s work.

And so that was the beginning of Sam’s success. 

“So now what?” Asked Sam turning to his friends.

“Now we cook.” Said Alanzo, happily. “Hey mate,” He added to Sam. “I think you should be our boss, you, after all have been the best from the beginning. You've got it in your blood, cooking.”

“Do you all really think so?” Sam asked thrilled.

“Yeah.” Replied Alanzo, honestly.

“Well, come on then, chefs!” Sam said enthusiastically. “Let’s  cook some meals!”


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