The Emotions Maker

Sam Moody is a poor little boy, His father died long time ago and he lives with his mother in a small house. Sam wants to be famous and to have money to live happily with his mother, who suffers from depression.
When Sam tries baking, he discovers that he's got a talent, a strange kind of talent that no one's ever had. Sam is extraordinary.


10. Chapter Ten



Sam still worked in that restaurant, he just couldn't leave it, he loved it. His friend, Alanzo was married and had a kid, for he was the oldest of the four. Sam still used his magic for cooking, to help other people with psychiatric treatment and just for fun. And then at that time, chef Sam Moody was the most famous chef that ever existed, he was after all more famous than chef Risdam. 

Later, Sam got married to the girl who he's always found talented, pretty and kind. His friend, Fleur was no longer his friend. His emotions toward her changed. Sam loved Fleur and asked to marry her, with great delight she said yes. 

Well, technically she said,

“I suspect you gave me and yourself The Love’s milkshake, Sam. It would explain my feelings for you, and yours for me.” Sam laughed at that and so did she.

“Believe me Fleur, even the best chef in Paris can’t make a milkshake that would cause a man to love you the way I do.”




“A person can do anything if he just believed in his abilities, did his very best and then hoped for the best. This is what I always tell everyone.” Was Sam's daily saying. 


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