The Emotions Maker

Sam Moody is a poor little boy, His father died long time ago and he lives with his mother in a small house. Sam wants to be famous and to have money to live happily with his mother, who suffers from depression.
When Sam tries baking, he discovers that he's got a talent, a strange kind of talent that no one's ever had. Sam is extraordinary.


6. Chapter Six

“I knew you could tell when I was lying, I just hated to admit it. Okay then, I think I can tell you now, after all you’re all my best friends and .. well you've been more like a family to me. So, the thing is – also my father. He doesn't hit my mother or anything, but he just makes us what we are; a poor family that consists of seven children who barely have anything to eat. Not only that, the best week I can have, is a week where my salary goes to my family and I buy them some food with it that they all share, but that doesn't usually happen. Dad steals everything from us. Food, clothes money, everything and leaves our house. He just treats us like we’re his bank –and what a poor bank too- I mean my mom’s a maid, I’m the oldest of my brothers and my younger brothers all work in the streets, they sell things and some even sing. It doesn’t do much good, and when it does dad takes it all. I can’t even call him dad!” He said. “And when one day I was too late to work he was home early.. he wanted to take everything and we didn’t have anything, just two loaves of bread, he started threatening us all, he didn’t believe us, I stayed with my family and tried to protect them from him until he did it, he took hold of my shirt’s collar and pushed me to the ground. It was too strong that I barely could walk that day, my back ached too bad. But I had to go to work, I had to earn some money.” Was what Alanzo said.  Fleur did the same reaction she did before, she was while he was telling his story tearing all the time and when he finished she just burst out, it wasn't the coolest thing to do, but hey who cared, everyone was full of emotions. Sad ones.  Sam however shook his head.

“How come we never told all of this to each other before?” he asked them.

“I don’t know, I just never had the courage to tell you all.” Alanzo said.

“Is there any more secrets?” Sam asked. “Fleur?” he looked at her, she was really crying very hard now, after she calmed down a bit she started nodding.

“yes. I actually have something I haven’t told you before, and this is the thing that make me sad. It’s my younger sister, she’s really sick and all of the doctors say that she can never be cured, some says that she’ll die this year, others say next year and we’re all very confused about it!” she said and then paused a bit for she let out some more tears. “Some doctors say that we need to do her a surgery, but it needs lots and lots of money – and vat can I say about money? A dream? This week has been the best week of my life because of this cooking thing we’re doing. I just sometimes think that .. that, if Juliette is really going to die, I vant it to be so peacefully and I vant her to be happy when the time comes, and I vant to be there for her, with her, by her side.” She finally said. They all felt very sad for her, it was awful.

Now they all looked at Sam, who felt very blessed, his only problem was after all poorness and how his mother acted about it – oh yes and he was also an orphan, but he felt it was nothing in comparison with his friends’ stories, he felt very bad for them and he felt very guilty for not being thankful. After all, the only things worse than not having a father, is having a father who didn’t act like one. Like Thomas’s or Alanzo’s.

“Well, it’s not a total tragedy. But yeah, my dad passed away when I was about two. I can’t remember him, I just see his pictures secretly. We were really rich before he died, but then we got in debt and mom hadn't a job so we became poor. Mum couldn't even afford buying me milk after she stopped breast-feeding me. She had to get three different jobs; a maid, a babysitter and – well, a mother. I barely see my mother smiling, it’s been like this since I first began to understand this world a bit, she’s always depressed … but when I baked this cake, it turned out perfect, I saw another side of my mother, a side that I thought died with dad. The happy mum, she started hugging me, laughing and she even sang me a lullaby before I went to sleep.” Sam said. To his surprise, his friends didn't find him ridiculous, they understood how it really hurt.

There was a moment of silence and then the break was over. They all group-hugged and got back to work, feeling a bit relived to finally tell someone about their problems.

While Sam was baking The Happiness Cake he got an idea. “Hey guys! I got an idea that could solve all of our problems.” He said remembering the reaction his mother gave him yesterday and the way she acted. He couldn't tell them while they were working so once the day was over he went to them.



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