The Emotions Maker

Sam Moody is a poor little boy, His father died long time ago and he lives with his mother in a small house. Sam wants to be famous and to have money to live happily with his mother, who suffers from depression.
When Sam tries baking, he discovers that he's got a talent, a strange kind of talent that no one's ever had. Sam is extraordinary.


4. Chapter Four

The kids started cooking. They all cooked and cooked, they worked very hard and many people came that day. There weren't  many options in the menu however, since there were only four chefs but they really succeeded in cooking what they could. As a dessert Sam baked every costumer a cupcake baked just like the cake he baked yesterday for free, and the result couldn't  be better. Everyone got so happy, the restaurant was soon filled of laughter, joking and happiness, no one was depressed, no one yelled or fought or felt sad. When people started asking about the reason for their happiness the waiters just said it was the cake and the food that the Chef, who was actually Sam cooked. As for the food critic, Sam never knew until the day’s work was over and Sam sat with the manager who was extremely proud of the whole staff work for the day.

“This is it, chefs! It’s the last order for today, but make it quick, this person seems very hungry.” Said a waitress called Eliza.

They all let out a breath and continued their work, Sam of course using his secret weapon, the cake of happiness. And then when they finished cooking and the order was finally ready, they all group hugged and congratulated each other for their great work. So much effort, it all took. But it was definitely worth it. They were leaving when the restaurant’s manager called them and they answered his call.

“Good job, my kids! You all were tremendous today!”

“Thank you, sir.” They all said politely.

“I – honestly didn't think you could make it this great, but I was mistaken! And thank god I was. The food critic was ecstatic, especially by this cake that you, my boy, made.” He said pointing at Sam. “I’m really so proud of you. So proud that I would like to give you an offer. Would you kids like to work in this very restaurant but as chefs and earn a better amount of money? I can get you some more chefs to help you, and you can learn some more stuff from them.” He asked them.

They all were screaming in the inside, only they weren't fools to show it all, they just turned to each other as if waiting for someone to respond, they were all very happy and very shocked, yet they didn't show all of their enthusiasm, they only showed a bit of their excitement. At last they all started nodding and Sam managed to say,

“Yes, sir. It’d be our pleasure!”

They group hugged again and Fleur, Thomas and Alanzo went to their homes, Sam was going too but the manager called him again.

“Not you, Sam. Stay for a minute, please. I’d like to tell you something.” He said.

Sam was getting curious and a bit scared, what did the manager want to tell him more than that?

“Yes sir?” he asked bewildered.

“I thought you’d like to know that this thing you do isn't normal, really.” He said.

“What d’you mean sir?” he still didn't get it.

“I mean .. The way you cook, the way this cake made everyone happy, it was perfect! It was like magic, or like – I don’t know what it really is actually, but it diffidently was something!” He said unable to explain. Sam just smiled.

“Thank you, sir. But I really think it was just the chocolate, chocolate really helps with depression, I once heard.”

“No, no, no my dear boy. Did any of these people who came today seem the type of people who couldn't, or don’t buy and eat chocolate normally? No, they eat it every single day. At least most of them do .. Don’t you think this way or you’ll lose it all, you hear me? It’s you! The secret’s with you, and only you know it. It can be an abnormal ingredient that no one but you use, who knows?” He paused a bit. “Well, no one but you.”

“Thank you, sir. Really.” Said Sam. It was so much support of him and he really liked it and appreciated it. The manager nodded then paused for a while.

“You do like what you do, don’t you boy?” The manager asked.

“Yeah, absolutely! I love it.”

The manager nodded again.

“Oh and I forgot to tell you.” The manager remembered. “The critic asked about you, he wanted to meet you and to know who baked that awesome cake, it really impressed him.”

Sam smiled and then went home. In the way home Sam had many feelings, joy, excitement, pride and even hope, he was really looking forward to telling his mother about the great news, but he also had in his mind some terrible thoughts, that his mother would act the way she always acts - carelessly. He just had to try and see, and finally he was home.

“Mum, I’m home!” He called. “Mum, you’re never gonna believe this, but I got hired as a chef, mum!”

She gave him a small smile.

“really?” she said in a bit bored but actually a bit excited voice.

She probably doesn't believe it, or doesn't really expect all its awesomeness. He thought. But actually that reaction for his mother was a great reaction. Could it be last night’s cake effect?

“I cooked everyone a cake like I cooked you yesterday.” He told her. “And the manager said that the food critic really liked it and wanted to meet me.”

But there was nothing more, just the usual nodding. And so Sam went to his room and fell asleep. He did feel just a bit disappointed by his mother's reaction. Even that he got used to it, it still hurt sometimes. And even that he knew her reaction was better than usual, he was still not that happy by it. But Sam was also very happy, and excited to go to work tomorrow. It probably was the first time ever he got that excited to go to work. And he liked it.



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