The Emotions Maker

Sam Moody is a poor little boy, His father died long time ago and he lives with his mother in a small house. Sam wants to be famous and to have money to live happily with his mother, who suffers from depression.
When Sam tries baking, he discovers that he's got a talent, a strange kind of talent that no one's ever had. Sam is extraordinary.


5. Chapter Five

The next two weeks made Sam very busy. Cooking was way harder that washing dishes. Not that it was easy to wash dishes but cooking with even ten people –for now the manager brought some more chefs to help the kids- wasn't enough, it was exhausting but perfect. The cake was now called “The Cake of Happiness” and it was the restaurant’s key of success. People came from all different places just to try it.

Despite all of this great achievements, when Sam sat with Fleur, Thomas and Alanzo at day-break, they usually spent it at the restaurant, he felt this sadness that he always felt was hidden behind their smiles gets more obvious and more real. It was so bad that it couldn't even get cured by The Cake of Happiness. And so Sam finally got the nerve to ask, not in the classic way however.

“Hey guys, do you want to play a game?” He asked.

“Vat game?” Asked Fleur.

“Umm, it’s called tell the truth and don’t care.” He said. They all looked for him waiting for him to start explaining. He didn’t tell them that he just made this game up. “alright. We just sit in a circle and we get a bottle and spin it, now the person who faces the top of the bottle gets to ask the person who faces the bottom of it a question and he or she has to answer it completely honestly. Quite simple.” He said. They agreed to play this game, probably thinking that they’d regret it later.

Sam spin the bottle and its top faced Fleur while its bottom faced Thomas. Fleur thought for a while and then asked.

“Umm, Thomas. Vhat vas the most thing that you’ve evegh regretted?” She asked.

Thomas took a breath, thought for a while and then finally spoke.

“two things; one is being alive and two is … well I once begged my mother to stay in the bed with me while I was sick as a kid, and it got her in such a big problem, almost as usual but that time it was even worse.” He said, sighing and swallowing hardly.

“vat agh you talking about?” Fleur asked. The boys’ expressions asked him same question.

“It’s nothing .. I mean it is a thing but –“ Thomas started.

“Oh come on! Spit it out!”

“Alright. It’s just that … dad didn't want mum to lay by me in bed, he doesn't really likes me, and well let’s say he hates me, he really does. And when he knew that mum refused to obey his words just to make me happy he was furious. He hated me if possible even more, and he started hitting my mum – he started torturing her … I can never forget the way she looked, yelling and begging on the ground, asking him to stop, with blood all over her face and blue bruises all over her body. He used his own hands, a stick and he even gave her some wounds with a knife. I was watching them from my bed, shaking and crying, I wanted to shout at him but I couldn't find my voice, and even if I did, mum never wanted me to talk. She said afterward that he would've hit me too if I said anything. It was the worst and first time he actually did such thing, but now he does it almost all of the time. He doesn't only hits mum, though, he hits me too. But I don’t really care, I’d rather being hit than watching my mother bleed and beg on the ground!"

They all were shocked. Fleur started shedding some tears and Alanzo gave him a hug.

“I’m sorry buddy.”

Sam was just frozen. He knew he should do something, anything but he just apologized like Alanzo and so did Fleur.

The game was still on. Thomas spin the bottle this time, its top faced Alanzo and its bottom faced Sam. He thought for a while and then took a deep breath and said,

“Alanzo, I always felt that you had some sort of unhappiness in your heart, actually I've felt this for all of you, but one day when Alanzo got late he lied about it, and I felt that maybe this thing that always got him depressed without showing could be the same thing that got him late, but he didn't say it, instead he lied. I always knew when he was lying. So Alanzo, what makes you so unhappy, mate?” Sam finally asked. He hoped it wasn't a tragedy like Thomas’s, but actually his hopes weren't enough.

Sometimes, hope isn't enough.

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