Same Love

Emmy was just your average student at a middle/high school. She was just starting out her 8th grade year. She had a hidden secret that no one knew about...


15. The Strange Assignment

My flight was terribly sexist, so for an assignment, our health teacher made us be the opposite sex for a week. That meant, boys had to wear bras and put little weighted balls in the cups, and had to wear wigs. They even had to learn how to wear make up.  The girls had to wear guy's wigs and use bandages to compress their chests. May I remind you this is a military school?

"Ugh this wig is so itchy.." I complained at lunch to Danny. "I'd rather do the baby project than dress up as a boy. I hate not being able to wear makeup.." She replied.

Gym was the worst part of the day though. Guys always got treated worse in gym, so, during our gym class, we still had to compress our breasts and keep on the wig. Our gym teacher seemed to love this idea. Anyway, we were forced to run 20 suicides. If you were caught not doing all 20, you would do 20 more in front of the class. We whined and complained about our sore legs, then she made us do lunges across the gym and back. "Man this sucks." I whispered to Danny. "Emily and Danny, front of the class." The gym teacher blew her whistle at us. We both walked up to the front of the gym. "You can't make her do this again! She has asthma!" Danny looked at her. "Do you want to do 40? Get running." She looked at the both of us. I rolled up my sleeves and I gave it my best effort. After the tenth, I was so out of breath. I had to stop, half-court, to catch my breath. "C'mon 10 more let's go!" She blew her whistle again. It was so hot under my wig, I pulled it off for a second and took a couple more deep breaths, then put it back on.

After gym, I took a long, cold shower. I was tired and hot, I just wanted to go to sleep.

The rest of the day went by slowly, our whole flight was getting called drag queens and trannys, which was another terrible part to this project. No one else in the school had to do this stupid project but Delta. Even in public we had to stay like this, otherwise, we'd get told on and have to wear the stupid thing even longer. Which meant, terror from my brother at home. Of course I had to wear the stupid thing at all times, my mom was supportive of the stupid project.

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