Same Love

Emmy was just your average student at a middle/high school. She was just starting out her 8th grade year. She had a hidden secret that no one knew about...


8. Talking

"Emmy can I ask you something?" She asked while I was fixing our breakfast, my mom had already left. " 'Course babe." I went in the fridge for something. "Where's your dad?" "My dad died when he served for the US Marine Corps three years ago." I looked down a little and went back to my pan on the stove. I heard little feet coming up to me and I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. "I'm sorry." A little smile crept on my face and I turned around and hugged her. "It's okay. And where's your mom?" "She's in prison... I had a younger brother.... but.." She looked away from my eyes. "What was his name?" "Wayne." "Oh. I'm really sorry sweetie." I kissed her cheek and she sat back down at the table. I brought her a plate and sat one down for myself.

After breakfast, my mom came home from her nightshift and gave me a hug and a kiss, then went to her room. "Your mom works third shift?" "Yeah, we don't see each other much. I guess that's why we're close, we never see each other so we never have anything to fight about." I answered, taking a sip of my coffee. "You're so independent.." She commented. "You learn to be," I shrugged. "it's nice to have someone to talk to at the bus stop in the morning though." I smiled a little and looked up at her. "I've never seen your dad, is he mean?" "Not really. He's pretty tolerant of me and my lifestyle." "Lifestyle?" My eyebrows furrowed. "I'm bi Emmy, you didn't know that?" "Oh. Yeah I knew that. I thought you meant something else." "Have you told your mom and your brother?" She questioned. "Not exactly..besides, my brother's just a pig, he wouldn't understand." I got up, and put my coffee in the sink. "Well..don't feel like you have to rush okay? These things take time."

After a little, she went back home. Only one more day until school again, I shivered at the thought. I went over to my phone, you could hardly call it a smartphone, it was a Galaxy something, not a fancy iphone, and I put on Same Love and just laid on my bed, quietly singing along with Macklemore. Oddly enough, I didn't honestly know what I was. I loved her so much, but I didn't know if I should...What am I saying? She's perfect. Her flawless personality, her curvy body figure, that bright smile she had won my heart over with, the innocence in her eyes that could warm the coldest heart.

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