Same Love

Emmy was just your average student at a middle/high school. She was just starting out her 8th grade year. She had a hidden secret that no one knew about...


5. School

Every person in that school thought that I was the straightest girl in the military academy. They also didn't know that I was having second thoughts, considering I was quite smitten with one of my classmates. In fact, I was falling for her. A girl I had met, just weeks ago. A girl that lives across the hall.

I went in the rusty old doors with my binder in my hand and my backpack hanging off one shoulder. To my right was Danny, and we were holding hands. Not like we were together, but how best friends do. Captain Henderson came around the corner and I quickly let go of her hand. We made our way to our lockers and then straight to homeroom. I grabbed my handbook for the daily trip to assembly. We get in a formation and stand there listening to the upcoming events, or how our football team lost yet another game. I looked over to Danny and couldn't help but notice she was wearing my favorite perfume on her. It smelled wonderful and after that I didn't pay attention to anything. Captain Henderson noticed and looked dead straight at me. "I'm sorry ma'am am I bothering you this morning? Repeat what I just said." Everyone in the school was looking at me, I hated that kind of attention, being put on the spot, I started to have an anxiety attack and Danny broke out of formation and took me in the hallway outside the gym. She rushed me into the bathroom. She sat me down in a cold corner and rubbed my back as I calmed down. She kissed my head and brushed the bangs out of my face. "It'll be alright sweetheart. Just breathe.."

We skipped the rest of assembly and went into homeroom. I sat there for a little, just holding her hand. "Thanks for getting me out of there...I didn't want the whole school to see me flop on the floor like a fish..." She laughed a little, "It's okay. I didn't know you had anxiety problems sweetheart." "They've gotten better, but...yeah.. what was he talking about?" "The military ball. How bring your dates and no twerking and stuff." "Last year everyone twerked, like right in front of him and he didn't even care." "Yeah...who are you going with?" "You know I'm single. Maybe we can go together and be single buddies." "Sounds fun. Aren't you getting an award at the awards ceremony?" "Yeah. I'm a Lieutenant now. It's only like three percent of the people who take CAP reach Lieutenant." "Wow...and I'm still a basic." "You just got here."

Great...I have a date with the girl I have an extreme crush on..

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