Same Love

Emmy was just your average student at a middle/high school. She was just starting out her 8th grade year. She had a hidden secret that no one knew about...


6. Military Ball

Danny had came over to my house to get ready for this dance. I had on a blue sparkly dress with simple heels to match. "Danny, you look amazing." I smiled at her, looking at her light green dress with a gold bow. "Thanks." She blushed. The dance was on a Friday so at least she was already staying over this weekend.

We did our hair and makeup and went back to the school. Throughout the entire dance, Danny and I were joking around, twerking on each other, not seriously, but just for fun. Then, on the last song, it was an extremely slow song, the first I'd ever had. Danny smiled down at me, she was a little taller. "It's just a slow song Emmy, come with me." She put her hands around my waist and I wrapped mine around her neck. We danced slowly as the lights started to come back on, we were too caught up in the dance to even notice, that everyone in the school was staring at us. When I noticed, I pulled away with a lot of blush on my face as I looked around. "Come on...let's just go home Emmy.." Everyone started looking at us as if we were complete wild animals who had just attacked someone. The attention was absolutely overbearing and I ran for the bathroom.

I sat in the same exact corner I had last week. Danny came in shyly and sat beside me, taking my hand. "'re confused about your sexuality...aren't you?" I nodded a little. "It's okay.. I like you too. Sweetie just calm down okay? Breathe. It's not like we were kissing or anyth-." I cut her off as I pulled her lips to mine, in a soft, slow, kiss.

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