Same Love

Emmy was just your average student at a middle/high school. She was just starting out her 8th grade year. She had a hidden secret that no one knew about...


30. Derek

I awoke to the rain pouring onto me, drenching me completely. I got off the bench and walked down the busy New York street. So many cars were at a stand still. My clothes were soaking wet and I was shivering. Even though it was summer it had to be about 60 outside with the rain.

I walked down a dark alleyway where the clouds seemed to cover. Sitting alongside some stairs was this guy, who looked to be a few years older than me. His head was down and the hood on his hoodie was up. I tapped his shoulder gently, causing him to jump slightly and he pulled one of his headphones to the side. "Yeah?" He looked at me with an irritated look. "Can I sit here? It's the only place that's actually fully covered from the rain." He nodded and I sat down beside him, he hadn't moved his headphone back. "Why are you out here by yourself? Don't you have a family or somewhere to be?" He asked, not looking up from his hand, which was bloody and bruised. I shook my head. "No..What happened to your hand?" "I got in a fight." He shrugged, now his headphones were around his neck. "I don't have anyone either, besides the boys. I'd be dead if it wasn't for them." "Boys?" I looked at him questioningly. "I'm in what you people would call a gang, but we don't hurt anybody. We take care of our own, do what we have to do to stay alive."

After a while, the conversation had gone silent as we watched the rain pour and flood the streets slightly. "So what's your name?" He asked, looking at me. "Emmy, how about you?" "I'm Derek." A small smile came to his face. His head went back down to his jeans as he took out a pack of cigarettes. "Do you want one?" He asked as he took one out. "No thanks, I don't smoke.." I looked at him. "Oh." He lit his up and was careful not to blow smoke in my face. "Where's your family? Did you run away because they wouldn't buy you a new cell phone or something?" He asked, looking in my eyes. "No, nothing like that. They didn't accept the real me, disowned me and told me they didn't want me." I shrugged. "What about you?" "I got into some pretty hard stuff when I was your age. I was shooting up heroin every night in the bathroom." He paused and raised up the sleeve to his hoodie, showing me the scars. "I overdosed one night and my dad threw me out onto the street. The boys found me and took me to their place and stayed with me until I came out of it. If it wasn't for them I would be dead right now."

The conversation fell silent again and I stood up. "Sorry if I bothered you, I just wanted a place out of the rain." I apologized, seeing now that the rain was slowing down. "You don't have a place to go, then why are you going? We have another space for you in the house, it's not much but, there's food, a roof, and a warm, dry place to rest at night." He looked up at me. I nodded hesitantly and sat back down beside him. "So where is this house?" I looked at him. "Right here." He hit the door behind him. "I told ya, it's not much." "Can I meet the boys?" I looked at him. He nodded and got up, opening the paint-chipped door.

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