Lost in the Shadows...

Camille Horan, not knowing what her life is about, is faced with a tough challenge. She realizes her true background, but is crushed to find out the what her family really is. There's nowhere to go...before the vampires get her.
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23. Chapter 21

~~The next day was completely shocking in every way imaginable.


I sat next to my dad at the breakfast table. Across from us were Harry,  who was all wrapped up and better, Arabella, and Rylie. Aaron was no where to be seen.

I sipped my daily feeding and turned my attention to Harry and Rylie sharing glances between Arabella. I had been meaning to talk to Harry about the picture I had found upstairs. Why was it such a big secret? First, he acted like he didn't know her and then I find pictures of them holding hands. It didn't add up.

"You two know each other, " I said aloud, not meaning to.

"What?" Harry looked up from his plate. "What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about..." I said. "You and Rylie knew each other before everything. You might have even dated..."

Rylie continued to stare at her pancakes. Harry just looked stunned. "You went in the-"

"Why so secretive about it, huh?" I interuppted.

"Camille..." Niall said lowly.

I knew there was something going on. Rylie had left something out when she explained her story.

"There is something you know and you won't tell me what's going on! I'm sixteen! I can handle these things!"

"Camille!" Niall slammed his fork down on the table. "Drop it!"

I was beyond angry. What was going on? I just didn't understand!

"Fine..." I hastily threw back my chair, and stood up. "It's dropped!" I stomped out of the room.


As I sat in my room, I contemplated what the secret was. It could be anything. I already knew Harry and Rylie dated. That as much was obvious, but there was more to it.

I still hadn't see Aaron and I was worried. What if he left, went back to his father, told him where we were, and then Liam came and killed us all.

No. He wouldn't do that to us. To me.

There was a knock on the door. I was not in any mood to see anyone, because apparently no one saw the need to fiil me in on what was going on.

Nevertheless, I said, "Come in, " because I was curious.

It was Niall.

"Hey..." he said, and sat down beside me.

"What?" I remarked.

"I love you too..." Dad snorted.

"Ok, I'm sorry, but if you can't tell your own daughter what's going on, then just leave." The words left my mouth, but I did not feel bad. He could tell me. He just chose not to.

"It's not for me to tell..." Dad said, seemingly unaffected by my words.

"Then why are you here?" I raised my voice a little. "You didn't come visit me yeasterday when I was in that hospital room thing, and now you don't tell me what's going on! I'm your daughter remember!" I got up and paced the floor, biting my nails.

Niall sighed, and shifted his position. "I'm here because you have something to tell me..."

I laughed. "No dad. You have that backwards. YOU have something to tell me..."

"No..." I could tell Dad was getting impatient. "Rylie told me about seeing you and Aaron kissing yesterday..."

"Of course she did. That lady can't keep her big mouth shut!"

"Now this isn't Rylie's fault!" Niall debated. "It's yours for not telling me you somehow are dating the son of my enemy!"

"Enemy!" I was so confused what my dad was thinking. "From what I remember he was your best friend!"

Niall opened his mouth to speak, but quickly closed it.

"And Aaron is different! He helped me escape, and he eve helped me during my Transition" I screamed. My dad didn't know Aaron!

"Transition?" Niall asked.

I nodded.

"That's right...your transition! So you're a....?"

I shook my head, not understanding.

"Are you a vampire of hunter?"

I shrugged. "Both..."

"What? You can't be both!" Niall chuckled.

"Well, It's not my fault you decided to have sex with my mother and make me..." I fired back.

"But how are you...."

"I don't know!" I screamed. Then, I used a mocking voice. "Drop it..."

"Camille, I don't remember you being so...rebellious! I am your father and-"

"You barely raised me...You never told me about any of this!"

"I was protecting you!"

"From what? Liam? Well, you didn't do a very good job. Since he wants me so bad, he won't give uo looking, and we sure aint safe here, so when he comes, he will kill me and then you will have no one left!"

The minute I said, I wanted to take it back. Judging by the look on my father's face, I had went to far. "Dad..." I started.

"You're right..." he said, and wiped a tear from his eyes. Then he left the room.

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