Lost in the Shadows...

Camille Horan, not knowing what her life is about, is faced with a tough challenge. She realizes her true background, but is crushed to find out the what her family really is. There's nowhere to go...before the vampires get her.
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22. Chapter 20

~~"Son?" Aaron said. "I'm not your son! Sophia was my mother...I barely even know you!"

Rylie sighed. "I meant to tell you..."

I interjected. "What is going on? You better start explaining..."

"My name is Rylie...Rylie...Payne," Rylie stuttered. "I'm Liam's ex-wife..."

I managed a laugh. "That's ridiculous!" I smiled glumly, even though I knew she wasn't joking. You don't joke about stuff like that. Also, from the minute I saw her, I saw Aaron's eyes looking back at me.

"No it's not! It makes sense! Jus-just hear me out.." Rylie demanded.

Aaron grabbed my hand and nodded.

"I got married to Liam right out of high school. Soon after, I found out he was a vampire. I nearly left him, but I didn't because I found out I was pregnant  with you, "she said, referring to Aaron. "Soon after you were born, I decide I wanted to be like Liam...so he bit me. After that, I hated being a vampire! I felt horrible that you would grow up to be one, Aaron! So then I tried everything to be human again! I went crazy! I even just tried to kill myself to get rid of the pain...only to find out I just woke right back up..." Rylie was crying by now, and I looked away.

I focused on Aaron's facial features. His dark brown eyes that seem to always sparkle, his chiseled jaw, his glowing skin, his curved nose, and finally, those lips...what I would do to always have those lips...those lips only for me..

I snapped out of it. Aaron's face was grave. I could see the confusion and anger clearly on his face.

"Soon...Liam and I just weren't working...Serena was constantly after us...and we traveled everywhere like nomads...before long, Liam was got...crazy. He was slowly losing his mind! I could see it! So I took action, and grabbed Aaron...and left."

Finally, everything was coming together for me. Deep in my mind, I knew it. I just pushed the thoughts back...

Arabella stood over in the corner by her unconscious father, completely bewildered.

"I didn't get far until Liam found us and tried to kill me..." Rylie burst into a mixture of sobbing and hiccups. "I'm so sorry Aaron! I got greedy and ran...and I left you! I thought he would kill you, but thank goodness he didn't!"

"Well he turned out fine!" I tried to lighten the mood.

"Fine?" Aaron got up abruptly. He was crying, but anger filled his bloodshot eyes. "You think I turned out fine? Other than the beating on a daily basis..an-and the times I hid in the closet  to escape the man I called my father, yea, I turned out just fine!" his voice was filled with venom, and I saw the wheels turning. "And to think I would pray for my mom to suddenly show up even though I thought she was named Sophia and dead! Come to find out she is named Rylie and abandoned me!"

"Aaron..." Rylie's voice was soft and pleading.

"Don't Aaron me! You could have came back for me!" Aaron choked on a cry. "You could have came back and took care of me! My life is a lie because of you!"

I knew how Aaron felt. Serena was my mother, but I never knew her. And even though she's dead, Aaron thought the same thing of his mother. As much of sadness I felt for him, he got to find his mother...I never will.

"Aaron..baby! I'm sorry!" Rylie cried, her tears soaking her blanket.

Aaron slammed his fist on the table right next to my bed. I jumped back in fear. I had never seen him like this. Aaron looked at Rylie coolly. His voice was low. "Don't call me baby...we may be related by blood...but you are NOT my mother..." and with that, he turned on his heel briskly and walked out of the room, slamming the door, and leaving everyone in the room stunned.

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