Lost in the Shadows...

Camille Horan, not knowing what her life is about, is faced with a tough challenge. She realizes her true background, but is crushed to find out the what her family really is. There's nowhere to go...before the vampires get her.
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15. Chapter 13

Everyone stood there...glaring at Rylie. How could that be possible? I thought my mother was vampire slayer?

"That's impossible?" Harry mumbled.

"Is it? Why?" Rylie asked.

"Serena hated vampires, so she would never befriend one!" Harry rose his voice.

"Maybe I wasn't a vampire then.." Rylie stated.

I was confused. "If my mother hated vampires so much, then how am I here?"

Harry looked taken aback. "I don't know..." he admitted.

As everyone stood there awkwardly, Aaron spoke. "Harry, it's getting really late..."

"I know," Harry replied. "Listen," he directed his attention towards Rylie. "You will stay here tonight until we can find out more in the morning. Got it?"

"Do I have a choice?"

Soon, the group started to exit the room, but I didn't move. I wanted to talk to Rylie...alone.

As Harry and Aaron walked by me, they both grabbed my hand. "C'mon, Cammy." Harry motioned.

"Can you give me a minute?"

Harry, being the understanding guy he is, let go of my arm, and followed Aaron out.

Once I heard the door close, I directed my attention to Rylie.

Noticing her wound still wasn't healing, I offered my arm. (Vampire blood can heal any wound, except death.)

Rylie cautiously took it. After she finished, she was ready to talk. "What do you wanted from me?"

"Just tell me exactly how you knew my mother." I said, pulling up a chair.

"I grew up in downtown Wolverhampton. I grew up with your mother, living next door and all. When we both we about 21, Serena ran off with some boy, and I got married and had a child. Then my husband bit me, and I lost my mind. After everything was taken away from me, I went into hiding and stayed there for a while. Then Liam found me and tortured me, trying to see if I knew where you were. I didn't even know who you were, or that Serena was even dead until you found me... I can't believe it...Anyway, I escaped and came to the only place I knew was safe. Here." Rylie finished.

"But Harry doesn't even know you...how did you know here was safe?"

"I have nothing else...Other vampires told me when I was hiding that this was a safe place."

I was still processing everything.

"Tell me about yourself.." Rylie said, "You know, since I'm basically your aunt."

"What do you want to know?" I asked, at the moment an open book.

"How did Serena die?"

I knew she would ask, but I didn't want to answer.

"Me..." I finally got out.

"You mean, like child birth?"


"Next question...Who's your father?" Rylie asked.

"Niall Horan." I said proudly. "He's a vampire, so yeah, I know it's weird because vampire hunters are by blood, so technically I am half vampire, half hunter."

"That is extremely rare! Your mother and father must have really been in love..." Rylie smiled.

All of a sudden, I felt a tear roll down my face.

"If you don't mind me asking, where is your father?"

That did it. That broke me. I was on the verge of tears, and she asked the one question I was dreading most. Before I expected, I burst into tears, and ran out of the room.

I spun around the hallway to see Aaron, and jumped.

"What happened?" Aaron asked immediately.

I wiped my tears away, and buried my face into Aaron.

I couldn't talk. So many emotions filled me. I missed my mom, my dad, and even Cole! (what my twin's name would've been)

"What's wrong?" Aaron asked again.

I looked up into his deep, brown eyes. "We need to get my dad back."

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