How Could You?

Alex was your ordinary girl, brown hair, blue eyes. But when one accident changed her life forever, will she survive? Or will she find a certain 5 boys who will make everything better?

hellluuurrrr all my beautiful buttons(((: soo this is my new fanfic, hope you like this one as much as my other one!!((: thanks!!((:


5. They NEED Me

I took out the spare key I still hade from my bag and stuck it in the key hole (ahahha xD) I walked inside and all of a sudden my head starting hurting then everything went black.

I woke up in a chair all tied up, I looked around and standing right in front of me was Taylor. "Finally the bitch is awake." She said, "what the- Harry.. Niall!!?!! I half screamed, "What are you-," I was cut off by noticing who was standing next to Taylor, it was Ty.

"What happened to those drinks u were supposed to go "get"?" Ty said then approached me and slapped me hard across the face. "Huh? U lying stupid little slut!!!" He screamed in my face while untying me and kicking me about 7 times in the stomach and grabbing my hair and slamming me into the wall. I touched the bump and saw blood on my hands. It burned like hell, he was about to slap me again when Taylor said, "Babe she's not worth it." Babe? O so there a thing, wow what a surprise. They then started making out (ewwww) then he pulled away, grabbed me, and threw me back into the chair while tying me back up. "Well I think somebody deserves another lesson." He said with an evil smirk spread across his face. "What!!?" No nooo!!!!" I screamed until he slapped me hard again and put duct tape over my mouth he was about to throw me over his shoulders when Taylor said, "But wait babe she has to watch remember?" He nodded and put me down,"Alright listen here bitch, you see Harry over there has been a bad bad boy, we've been talking this whole time you were dating, he doesn't even love you so-" she was cut off by Harry saying, "Alex it's not true she's lying I swear I love you with all my heart I would've told you but I didn't want you to get hurt and-" he was cut off by Taylor saying, "Ooh well she already is, jeez Styles you've got to quite lying to sluts anyways you're gonna enjoy me and Harry o and now Niall's little show, then she's all yours babe." She said looking at Ty. "Show? What show?"I tried saying, Taylor gave Ty a signal to rip the duct tape off my mouth, "Fuck." I said, "Show? What show?" I asked trying to keep my mind off of the burning sensation that was on my mouth. "Ohh you stupid dumb ass bitch." She said with a bitchy smirk, "In other words you gonna watch me, Harry, oh and now Niall do a 3 way because we all know you love them both." She winked, Harry and Niall both said, "No never in a million years." "Ohh not a smart answer." Taylor said grabbing a knife and jabbing it into my scar that I hade from the last time I got stabbed, my mouth hung open and I was about to scream when Taylor covered my mouth. I bit her then said, Niall Harry don't do it they won't kill me cause' the slut wants to fuck you both so they won't kill me because they need me. I managed to say quickly before Ty slapped ma again. "You'll be sorry you ever did that." Niall said heading toward Ty, but as usual didn't get very far because Taylor got the knife and put it right on mt right temple. "Nah aha ah." She said then heading towards Ty and giving him her tongue. It was the sickest thing I've ever seen. "You see Alex, your right we can't kill you but we can sure as hell hurt you." She said demonstrating it while slashing the knife over my right temple. It stung really bad, Taylor then headed towards the boys and said, "You better put on a good show or else your little slut over there will pay for it." I was about to object when Ty put the tape back over my mouth. I kept shaking my head no but Ty grabbed it and forced it still and to look straight at Harry, Niall, and Taylor fucking. I tried to shut my eyes but he again forced them open, I've never felt more crushed in my life.


----- :O om g..... Taylor is such a bitch!!!! Anyways hoped you liked the climax (; in this chapter and well damn just keep reading all you fucking awesome buttons!!((: thanks!!(: - Harrysbutton xxo

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