How Could You?

Alex was your ordinary girl, brown hair, blue eyes. But when one accident changed her life forever, will she survive? Or will she find a certain 5 boys who will make everything better?

hellluuurrrr all my beautiful buttons(((: soo this is my new fanfic, hope you like this one as much as my other one!!((: thanks!!((:


3. Horan Hugs

We walked to the nearest park and started walking around, it was silent until Niall cleared his throat and asked, "So why were u running in the first place?" "Erm.. well I was running away from my abusive "boyfriend" he tried to have sex with me so I played along and then left." I said pulling my hood up so Niall wouldn't see the years making there way down my face, "I'm so sorry but if u don't mind me asking how did you end up with him in the first place and how did you not go back to your parents I mean they must of been worried sick!!" that's when I just lost it i walked over to a bench and broke down, he comforted me by pulling me into a hug and kissing my head, once I somewhat calmed down I said, "we-well my p-p-parents and 2 sisters died in a car accident 3 years ago, after tht I met Tyler, I thought it was love at first sight so then once we got more serious we moved in together (since I hade no other place to go) and I thought he was the one, " I paused letting a few more tears hit the ground before I said the rest, "but it wasn't till about 2 weeks after we moved in together that I noticed that he loves to get drunk and abuse me, he's raped me for the past 3 years whenever I did something wrong." More tears made there way down before Niall asked, "I'm so sorry you hade to go through that, no girl should ever have to go through that, especially not a beautiful one like you." He said, "But why did you now just escape, why not before?" He asked, "Well I tried once but failed miserably, he stabbed me five inches deep, "lucky" for me he was working in being a doctor so he knew what he was doing, and he said that if I ever try that again then I'd see my family again." I said letting those last tears fall. He didn't say anything just hug me, man do i love his hugs, they always seem to make everything better.

We pulled away and he grabbed my face pushing his soft cute Irish lips to mine, I was surprised I didn't expect this at all, how could he take advantage of me like this? I thought I could trust him!!? We just met and he's already hitting on me?? I pulled away ruffly with my heart pounding fast, I need to go
"I'm so sorry I didn't mean to-" I cut him by saying," it's fine whatever I gotta go." I said running as far away as I could.
I soon got tired and looked back making sure he wasn't following me and he wasn't, thank God. I turned back around and ran into a guy with really curly hair that was pulled back and really green eyes, he helped me up and asked, "Are yo alright love." He asked, o no not another douche, I responded, "Yeah just fine sorry I guess I wasn't paying attention." "it's fine, I'm Harry, Harry Styles." I looked at his face and noticed that he was really hot, and tall, he looked about my age. Man was is it with me and running into hot guys lately?!?! I noticed that i was lost in thought when Harry said,"And you are.." "O sorry hi erm my name is.. " I was about to say my name when I heard Niall scream my name while coming towards us.

Niall's P.O.V 
"It's fine whatever I gotta go." I heard her say while running off, damn y did I have to f this up, I just met her and already kissed her knowing what she's gone through, wow I am an idiot. I snapped out of my thoughts and ran the direction she did, I looked everywhere but I couldn't find her, that was until I saw a guy with curly hair and green eyes helping a girl with brown hair and blue eyes, I looked closer and noticed it was Alex and Harry, o no.

Bathroom Troubles
Alex's P.O.V
"Oh hey Harry." Niall said, "Wait you guys know each other?" I asked em, "Yeah we do, we're in the same band." Harry said, "O what band?" I asked, Harry and Niall both looked at each other like they were debating whether to tell me or not. "One Direction." They said in unison. Omg, One Direction?!? I remember fangirling over them when I was in high school, I hade tickets and backstage passes to go with my friends so we carpooled there and when we were about to go and meet them I got a call from the hospital saying my family died. Tears made there way down my face but I quickly wiped them away so Harry and Niall wouldn't see, "y-yeah I've heard of u guys, I was a huge f-fan." "W-will you excuse m-me f-for a moment i need to u-use the restroom. " I said before walking quickly to the bathroom. Once I got inside a stall I cried my heart out, it was all my fault, the only reason they were in the car in the first place was so they could get back home from driving me to my friend's house which was really far away. This was all my fault. I'm the cause for there death, I did that to them. 
I soon heard footsteps coming closer and closer to the bathroom I was in, I froze.

I heard the door open and I covered my mouth barely breathing. They came closer and closer until I looked down and noticed they were right in front of me. They knocked and a familiar voice said, " You stupid b did I forget I live right down the street. " he said, oh shit it was Ty.
He grabbed my leg and pulled me forcefully under the stall, I tried to grab onto something anything to stop that beast from getting me out, I kicked him straight in his dick when I was fully out, I ran towards the door but he got my foot pulling me to the floor and slamming me into the wall. I hit my head hard, I touched the bump and noticed blood on my hands when I checked them, my vision started getting blurry and all I remember seeing were 2 figures come into the bathroom.


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