How Could You?

Alex was your ordinary girl, brown hair, blue eyes. But when one accident changed her life forever, will she survive? Or will she find a certain 5 boys who will make everything better?

hellluuurrrr all my beautiful buttons(((: soo this is my new fanfic, hope you like this one as much as my other one!!((: thanks!!((:


1. He Didn't

Have you ever felt alone, like your heart was ripped out of your body and ran over by a heard of cows, well I know the feeling after loosing my whole family in an accident caused by some stupid drunk driver.

Alex's P.O.V
I woke up with my head pounding as usual, I looked down at myself and found 5 new bruises, o great, I thought. I slowly got off the ground being careful not to wake up Ty. 

Tyler is my boyfriend, after my parents and 2 sisters died, I soon met Tyler and we immediately clicked. We soon moved in together, at tht time I thought it was a good idea, tht was until I soon realized tht he gets drunk a lot and loves to abuse me, physically and sexually.

I know what your thinking, bitch why don't u get the hell out of there??!!! Well thts because I tried once and got stabbed 5 in deep, "lucky" for me Ty was working to be a doctor so he knew what he was doing, he said that if I try that one more time that i'll see my family again.

Ty's P.O.V
I woke up with no bitch by my side, where the hell did tht whore go? I thought, I got up and saw my bitch cooking me some breakfast, "bitch that better be for me." I said with my sexy morning voice, "it is." She said like a smart ass, I slapped her across her ugly bitch face then kicked her 2x in the stomach, "Don't you ever answer me like that." I said.

Alex's P.O.V
"It is." I said right before he slapped me really hard, kicked me 2 in the stomach and said, "Don't u ever answer me like that." I got up slowly careful to not make this any more painful than it usually is, but as soon as I got up Ty pushed me against the wall, and then everything went black, all I could hear was Ty saying, "Next time I wake up u better be next to me u bitch, and now the next time u will be."

Ty's P.O.V

Good now the bitch is asleep I thought silently to myself, now when she wakes up she'll have a "lesson" on what happens when sluts like her don't wake up next to me when i get up.

Alex's P.O.V

i woke up with my head throbbing and me naked and tied to the bed, Oh shit another lesson I thought, the last time i hade a lesson i got stabbed, i wonder if i'll survive this time.


--- heyy guyyys!!!(((: sooo i hope you guys like my new fanfic and this new chapter!!(((: thanks for all your fucking awesome support 1 <3 it!!!((: - Harrysbutton xxo



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