Adopted by Harry Styles

"Please Just give her back im begging you!" I asked him "No! She is mine now" "Please I will do anything" I told Hunter "Just give me her back please she is the best thing that ever happened to me PLEASE!?!?" He looked at me like he was going to say something " Fine here" He handed me Lux but he didn't stop there "Believe me when i tell you this Styles, this is not the last time you will see me just wait" and he left saying nothing else. I ran in the house and called the boys over......


6. You?

Eleanor's P.O.V

I woke up on the side of Louis. I kissed Louis's nose and he opened his eyes,

"Im sorry Lou did I wake you up?" Louis sat up and looked at me,

"No i've been up for hours I just didn't want to wake you"

"Oh okay so you want some breakfast?" I asked him,

"Yes please." I got up, put one of Lou's tanktops on and walked to the kitchen. The kitchen was so big, it had one long island in the middle and five chairs on one side. I went in the fridge to see that it was empty and all the cabinets were empty too so I decided to go to the nearest market. I wrote a note to the boys so they wont get nervous when they don't find me in the cabin.

Dear 1D,

I went to the market to get some food and drinks because I know that if Niall doesn't eat he gets crabby. If I have any problems I will call one of you. :)

                                                                             xoxo El

I arrived at the market and got a trolly. I went down the first isle and got some eggs, milk, bread, cereal, and some fruit and veggies'. I walked around the market and got some snacks and some drinks. I also got some apple juice for Harry and come carrots for Louis. I accidentally bumped into this lady,

"Oh im sorry I didn't see you there" we looked at each other

"Its fine" I noticed who she was. It was Hunter Flats sister, Jessica, I payed for the groceries and left to go back to the cabin. I walked in with a bag of food and drinks and I saw the boys siting on the couch,

"Umm Boys could you help me?" Louis got up and helped with the groceries.


Louis's P.O.V

I helped El with the groceries,

"So what did you get us," I asked El,

"Well I got apple juice for Harry and carrots for you I also got some stuff for the others."

"Wheres Perrie?" I asked Zayn,

"Oh she's feeding Lux in our room" I walked down the hall to Zayn and Perrie's room.

"Perrie?" I asked

"Come in" she said. I walked in the room to see Perrie taking pictures with Lux,

"Im making some pancakes would you like one?"

"Ya sure." Perrie got up and walked down the hallway to the boys in the living room so I followed. I got the pancake batter from the cabinet.

"Im making pancakes how many do you guys want?" I wrote how many everybody wants.

Perrie- 2

Louis- 3

Harry- 3

Zayn- 3

Liam- 4

Niall- unlimited


Harry's P.O.V

We all finished eating and I decided to go for a walk with Lux. I got dressed and put Lux in her carriage. We walked down the road and I saw this girl in front of us and she looked lost so I decided to talk to her.

"Excuse me" she stopped walking and turned to me.

"Yes?" she said

"Do you need help because I don't live far away I could help you"

"No it's okay im fine" I saw that she was shivering so I gave her my jacket.

"C'mon come to my house and warm up oh, and my name is Harry" i told her with a smile

"Im Jessica...wait aren't you Harry styles from One Direction?"

"Yes I am we are staying in a cabin for a week" I looked in her eyes they were a  beautiful hazel color. "So tell me about yourself" I said to her,

"Well there isn't much to tell, I have an older brother and my mum and dad divorced."

We walked in the house and everyone looked at us,

"Ladies, mates this is Jessica she's going to stay with us tonight." Eleanor stood up and left the room.

"Whats wrong with El?" I asked Lou, 

"I don't know but im going to find out."



Will Eleanor tell Louis about Jessica or will she make up a lie to save her and Harry's friendship?

I will tell you that in chapter 8.

I will be updating later today to tell you about Jessica and her big secret.

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