Adopted by Harry Styles

"Please Just give her back im begging you!" I asked him "No! She is mine now" "Please I will do anything" I told Hunter "Just give me her back please she is the best thing that ever happened to me PLEASE!?!?" He looked at me like he was going to say something " Fine here" He handed me Lux but he didn't stop there "Believe me when i tell you this Styles, this is not the last time you will see me just wait" and he left saying nothing else. I ran in the house and called the boys over......


5. The Cabin

Zayn's P.O.V

I saw Harry driving up the driveway and I never felt more happy to see Lux in the backseat of his car. Harry parked in the garage and came in the house with Lux cradled in his arms.

"Yay! Lux!" Louis shouted,

"Yes we got Lux back!" Niall yelled and Liam and I were just smiling, speechless.

"So what happened?" I asked Harry,

"well" he took a deep breath before saying, "i was at the park near the benches but i didn't have the money that he wanted so i sat across from him on one of the picnic tables and i told him that i didnt have the money so he started to walk away saying that since i dont have the money i cant have he back" Harry sat on the couch, "I told him that she was the best thing thats ever happened to me  and he gave in and gave me her back but after he said that he also told me that this wasn't the last time i see him." i saw that he was worried so i brought up the cabin in the woods. 

"So why don't we forget all about this and go to the cabin" the boys looked at me,

"That's a great idea" Niall said

"And we can stay there for a week" Louis joined in.

"Maybe Zayn can bring his special lady" Liam said looking at me smirking

"I have a great idea Louis can bring Eleanor and Zayn can bring Perrie so she wont be the only girl in the house, well except for Lux." Harry said.

"So lets get packing" Niall shouted.


*A few hours later*


Niall's P.O.V

I sat on the couch playing some FIFA before the boys and Lux came out,

"Lets go I'm not getting any younger!" I yelled. I saw Liam and Zayn coming down the stairs "Hey mates where is Harry and Louis with Lux?"

"Oh there just finishing getting some of Lux's stuff ready" Liam said. I shut off the game because I heard Louis upstairs talking to Harry. I tiptoed upstairs with Liam and Zayn following me.

"So what if Hunter finds us Harry and what if he takes her again?" I heard Louis through the door.

"He wont find us Louis I promise but the one thing we should worry about is the papz and the fans" I heard someone walking towards the door so we ran downstairs and jumped on the couch gasping for air trying to act normal. I heard someone nocking on the door,

"Its open!" I yelled. I saw Perrie and Eleanor walking in,

"Hey guys you ready for the trip?" Perrie asked,

"Ready as we will ever be" I said.

"Hey babe" I heard beside me. It was Louis.

"Oh look who it is Mr. Louis Tomlinson." Eleanor said. Louis ran up to El and hugged her and Zayn hugged and kissed Perrie. Harry came downstairs with Lux,

"Well if it isn't the famous Lux" Perrie said "can I hold her?" she asked. Harry handed her Lux.


Perrie's P.O.V

Harry handed me Lux she was so beautiful her brown eyes and her cute little smile,

"Hi Lux im Perrie." All the boys looked at me even Eleanor and I knew something was up. Zayn walked towards me and said

"Perrie would you like to be auntie Perrie to Lux?" I looked into Zayns eyes. Did he just ask me to marry him because he sure sounded like he did.

"Zayn are you asking me to marry you?" Niall took Lux from my arms. Zayn went down on one knee,

"Perrie Louise Edwards will you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?"  I looked at the boys and El and they were all nodding

"Of course I will marry you Zayn" I smiled and kissed him. Everyone was clapping even Lux it was so cute.

We got to the cabin and it was huge. It had five bedrooms and four bathrooms. The first room had a queen sized bed, a flat screen and a couch. The other rooms were just the same but rearranged differently. I sat in the living room with Eleanor.

"Can u believe Zayn asked me to marry him?" I asked Eleanor,

"Umm Perrie he told us he was going to last week." Eleanor looked at Lux in her arms

"He did why didn't you tell me?"

"Because we all wanted it to be a surprise and I would have spoiled it if I told you" I was getting kind of tired so I told Eleanor that i was heading up to bed. "goodnight Perrie"

"Goodnight El" and I went to bed.




hey guys can you believe about Zayn and Perries engagement they are such a cute couple and i will be posting a new chapter everyday. i also wanted to say that if you have anything to recoment for a chapter that would be great i would take any recommendations. :))




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