Adopted by Harry Styles

"Please Just give her back im begging you!" I asked him "No! She is mine now" "Please I will do anything" I told Hunter "Just give me her back please she is the best thing that ever happened to me PLEASE!?!?" He looked at me like he was going to say something " Fine here" He handed me Lux but he didn't stop there "Believe me when i tell you this Styles, this is not the last time you will see me just wait" and he left saying nothing else. I ran in the house and called the boys over......


8. Rehersal

Louis's P.O.V

We got home around 10:00PM so I went to bed. I walked in the room to see Eleanor sitting on the floor crying,

"El what's wrong?!" I asked her but she didn't answer me, "C'mon El please tell me I can help." she stopped crying and looked at me,

"I cant tell you its to risky" I was confused,

"What do you mean risky?" She grabbed her phone out of her pocket and went to video's. She pressed 'play' on the first one and what I heard was unforgivable. I took her phone paused the video and called Harry in the room.

"Ya mate?" he looked at El with her eyes all puffy from crying, "El whats wrong?" I played the video from her phone and showed Harry. "what how could she do this to you?" he asked El.

Harry called the police and when the police got here Jessica went running out the door.

"GO, GO, GO" a police officer yelled and three cars followed her, another came in the house and we showed him the video that El took.

"You did a good thing about taking that video we have been searching for Jessica Flat for two months" Eleanor nodded and sat on the bed, "Well you kids should get some sleep it has been a long night for all of us." We said goodbye to the police officer and he left. I took my shirt and pants off and went to bed just in my boxers as usual.

*The next morning*

Harry's P.O.V

I ran into Perrie and Zayn's room and jumped on the bed.

"Get up! Get up!" I yelled, I ran into Niall's room and did the same thing. I walked into Liam's room with a cup of water and poured it on his face "GOODMORNING SUNSHINE!" I yelled and ran out of the room. I walked into Louis and El's room and started singing 'What makes you beautiful' really loud and they jumped up. I ran down to the living room and they followed me, "Paul called me this morning and said that we have rehearsal for the tour today in an hour so get dressed"

"Can we come?" Perrie asked,

"Of course go get ready" they all left to get dressed and I woke Lux up "Goodmorning sunshine" I said in a soothing voice. She opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled. I picked her up, got her dressed and fed her. Liam and Niall came in the living room, "where's everyone else?"

"Well" Niall answered, "Zayn and Perrie are taking showers because they got busy last night *wink wink* and Louis and Eleanor are putting there shoes on and they are on there way down." We arrived at the studio to see Simon so we knew that something was up.

"Zayn I need to speak to you."


Zayn's P.O.V

"Zayn I need to talk to you." I walked over to Simon to see anger in his eyes, "So about your proposal to Perrie Edwards in Little Mix"

"Yes what about it?" I asked him

"Is there something wrong with that?" he looked at me,

"I don't think a marriage is a good thing right now because your going on the BSE tour and you also have book signings and meet & greets." I couldn't believe what Simon just said to me after everything with the X-Factor auditions and the other tours me and the boys have had i just couldn't believe what he just said to me. This isn't the Simon I know, he was like my second father. I put the situation behind me and focused on the music. We rehearsed Best Song Ever first and a couple others. We rehearsed for two hours strait and I was tired.

"Great gob boys!" Perrie said,

"Perrie can I talk you?" she looked at me worried,

"Whats wrong babe you can tell me anything"

"Well i talked to Simon and he said he doesn't approve of the engagement." She sighed and walked away,

"Perrie wait!!" She stopped looked at me and continued to walk away.

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