Adopted by Harry Styles

"Please Just give her back im begging you!" I asked him "No! She is mine now" "Please I will do anything" I told Hunter "Just give me her back please she is the best thing that ever happened to me PLEASE!?!?" He looked at me like he was going to say something " Fine here" He handed me Lux but he didn't stop there "Believe me when i tell you this Styles, this is not the last time you will see me just wait" and he left saying nothing else. I ran in the house and called the boys over......


13. Is this meeting number two or is this just part of it?

Perrie's P.O.V 

I heard Zayn talking to Lou about where he is going to take me, first he said that he is going to take me to the movies to see the new This Is Us movie about the boys (couldn't think of another movie?) then he will take me in the meadow on the hill where we had our first date. That is when I will "regain" my memory. 

I walked into the living room to see the boys sitting on the couch with Lux. I walked up to the boys and everyone looked at me except Lou

"Can I hold her?" I asked Lou and he just looked at me. Lux was only 3 months old and  knew that Lou already had a strong connection with her.

"Lou hand Lux to Perrie please?" Liam asked

"i don't know she might smack Lux too" Louis said with attitude

"C'mon Lou." Louis handed me Lux. I looked into Lux's eyes and they were so beautiful more beautiful than anyone else's i've ever seen. Lux fell asleep so I decided to put her to bed "Harry right?" He nodded "Where's lux's room?"

"Down the hall the room all the way back" he answered with a smirk. I opened the door to see Hunter Flat going through Lux and Harry's things 

"Ahhh!!" I scream from the top of my lungs, the boys ran into the room to see Hunter jumping out the window Harry ran towards him and pulled him back in the room. Hunter was very strong and immediatly started to protect himself, Harry started punching back but Hunter was to strong he pushed Harry to the ground and kept on punching him im right on the cheek. Liam was the strongest in the group so he tried to pull them apart.

Just as Liam joined in Hunter took out brass knuckles from his pocket put them on his hand and punched Liam and Harry in the face. I took Lux out of the room and Hunter came after me! I had Lux in my arms still so I couldn't run that fast, he grabbed the collar of my shirt and yanked me back causing me to fall back. I fell on my back and Lux landed on my chest. Hunter grabbed Lux out of my arms and pulled me off the floor. With Lux crying in his arms and Hunter dragging me with him i had no other choice but cry.

"Your going to be really valuable to my group" he said to me

"What group?" i asked him

"You will see." Hunter had a big rusty looking Gray-ish car with bird poo all over it, it was disgusting. He opened the back door and pushed me in the back seat and put Lux on my Lap. He jumped in the front seat speeding off screeching his tiers. I looked back and saw Zayn and Niall running towards the car. Apparently Hunter wanted the drive to where ever he was taking Lux and I to look normal so he stopped at a stop sign  and got caught at a red light,

"Shit!" he yelled from the front seat. Hunter turned around and looked at me with anger in his eyes "Girl if you don't stop crying and if you don't stop making that baby cry im going to make you BOTH have something to cry about!" I was thinking to myself the boys know where he lives he can get the police involved and everything is going to be okay. I looked back to see Niall and Zayn running closer and closer to the car. After at least a few seconds Zayn was on Hunters side of the car and Niall was opening the door to help Lux and I out,

"Are you okay?" he asked me,

"Yes we are both fine"

"Okay good, you go back to the house and I will help Zayn with Hunter, go quickly!'' 


Zayn's P.O.V

Niall came running up to me trying to get Hunter out of the car, after a few minutes of trying we finnally got him out. I held hunter in a snake lock by the head and Niall called the police. Of course Niall forgot his phone at the house so he had to use Hunter's phone he reached in Hunters pocket, grabbed the phone and called the police. The police got here in less than 2 minutes

"Thank you boys Hunter Flat here has been on our England's most wanted list for some time now and if it wasn't for you he would still be using people." The police officer handcuffed Hunter and threw him in the car,

"With all do respect why did Hunter kidnap only girls?"

"Well..." he shut the door to the car and looked at Niall and I "Mr.Flat here get women pregnant and when they are pregnant if it is not a boy he makes them get an abortion but if it is a boy he trains the boys to do the exact same thin as he does." I wasn't surprised I knew Hunter was no good and I had a weird feeling this would not be the last time we would see him again.

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