Im harry styles sister?!?

Hey there im talia and im 13 im an only child... Or so i thought


2. What?

~Talia POV~   I see Harry looking at me strangely an whisper something, liam responds with a 'oh my god' face   "So whats your guys names" zayn ask's braking the silence    " im Talia and thats Kaitlyn" i say and see liam look at me "whats your last name talia" he asks " um valentine" i replyed. Harrys head imedetly shot up an the ret or the boys look at me    "is your dads name chris and your moms sherrie" harry asks "yes" i reply geting a bit nervous "you live in Canada?" He asks "yes" i reply "oakville?" "Um yeah" the boys exchanged looks    "THATS HER" niall screamed "niall calm down it might not be" liam said "oh no guys its her" harry said, and i gave them confused looks an i looked at kaitlyn, she seemed as lost as i am   "Whats going on" i ask nervously   Harry says nothing and grabs my wrist before i knew it i was being dragged out the door.
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