Im harry styles sister?!?

Hey there im talia and im 13 im an only child... Or so i thought


1. The trip

~Talia POV~   "OMIGOD I CAN BELIVE WERE GOING TO LONDON TO MEET ONE DIRECTION" i scream at me best friend kaitlyn   "OMFG I KNOW LIKE OMG WERE GOING TOMMOROW LIKE NO I CANT EVEN" she replys   Wait i should introduce myself im Talia im 13 years old and im an only child (or so i thought) me and kaitlyn won a week in london with one direction SQUEE   "GIRLS GO TO SLEEP I HAVE TO DROP U OFF AT THE AIRPORT AT 8" kaitlyns mom screams at us "SORRY" we scream back in unison   ~the next morning at the airport~   "Well this is it girls i trust you not to do anything stupid ill see you both in a week" kaitlyns mom says pulling us in for a hug "Thank you kathy" i say as i start walking off to board the plane and kaitlyn wasnt to far behind me    ~in the london airport~   My eyes franticly search the crowd for one directions body gaurd paul and i see him. i quickly walk up to him and tap him on the shoulder and he turns around giving us a questioning look and i show him the ID cards that we got for the trip, he nods and leads us to the car and we start off to the hotel   ~at the hotel~   Me and kait were blasting one directions rock me through the speakers till we heard a knock " IL GGET IT" i screamed oer the loud music, i walk over to the door and and open it to reveile 5 of my idols "can we join the party" niall asks, i slowly nod and let them into the hotel room and run over and turn the music down when i turn atound they were sitting on the sofa so me and kait dat on the floor at there feet.
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