Im harry styles sister?!?

Hey there im talia and im 13 im an only child... Or so i thought


3. Its her

~Harrys POV~   I said nothing as i grabbed talias arm and draged her ino the car i knew i had a sister, the boys knew it, obviously she didnt know it, i should tell u my parents gave talia to my dads brother to raise and they made sure she didnt know that i was her older brother.   ' shut up' i say to myself 'it might not even be her' i look to the passenger side where talia is giving me a scared look   "Where are we going?" She asked    "Someplace" i mumbeled and looked at her she nodded and curled up looked terifyed   ~at Annes place~   I took out my key and unlocked my moms front door "MUM" I yelled "COMMING LOVE" i heard her yell back as she was walking down the hallway she stoped when she saw talia "is-is that her" she asked me "i think so" i replyed back to her "ohmigod" she said and quickly turned into the kitchen    I heard her talking on the phone to my uncle her ' dad' she came out and ran and hugged talia "its her" she said letting go of her, immedetly i picked her up and started to cry   "WOULD SOMEONE TELL ME WHT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" She yelled "i think you should let your dad explain" my mom said as she handed her the phone she took it and went into another room   "WHAT AND YOU DIDNT TELL ME OH GOD DAD OR SHOULD I SAY UNCLE CHRIS LIKE WHAT THE HELL" i heard her scream at the phone and i walked into the room she was in "okay yes i love you too" she said before hanging the phone up, she looked at me "your really my brother" she asked "yes" i replyed amd i burst out crying "why are you crying?" She asked " I HAVENT SEEN YOU SINCE YOU WERE 3MONTHS OL I HAVE TE RIGHT TO CRY" i yelled at her and i think it regestered in her mind that shes never actuly met her brother, she started crying an i pulled her into a hug "lets go back to the hotel" i said and she nodded.
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