Im harry styles sister?!?

Hey there im talia and im 13 im an only child... Or so i thought


7. Cottage

~Back in London~ ~Talias POV~   I grabbed my suitcase and guitar amd started to head upstairs "not so fast" i herd harry say behinde me, i turn around and give him a questioning look "were going to a cottage in 2 days" "oh" i replyed " yeah its my friends he has a younger brother your age named tristan" wait could it be THE TRISTAN TAYLORS? "Yes it is" harry said chuckling "i said that outloud?" "Yes" "well im sorry if im a fan of him" i say giggling harry gives me a look "just go to bed were going shopping tommorow" i look at him "um what for i have clothes" i say "BARLY ANYTHING!" He screams, and i start laughing "ok ok calm your tits" i say as i walk away "I DONT HAVE TITS I HAVE NIPPLES SEE?!?" I turn to see him holding his shirt um and i burst out laughing "YEAH FOUR NIPPLES NOW GUYS SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO TO BED" louis screams from somewhere upstaires "OKAY SASSY PANTS" I scream back before going upstaires to sleep
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