Im harry styles sister?!?

Hey there im talia and im 13 im an only child... Or so i thought


5. But i feel free

~in oakville~ ~  Talias POV ~  Louis Zayn Liam and I sat on my couch it was midnight but non of us were tired. "GUYS WE SHOULD GO TO CANADAS WONDERLAND TOMMOROW" i hear niall scream as he runs into the living room "yeah that would be cool" zayn said "lets do it" i said "wait lets ask hazza" louis says "HARRY" Niall yells "comming" i hear his voice say and i hear footsteps come down the hall, he appered in the room naked i gasped, zayn literally jumped from one end of the sofa to my end tackling me as he covered my eyes "JESUS FUCK HARRY PUT SOME CLOTHES ON" he screamed "but i feel so free" he whinnied "if you haven't realized we have a kid here" he replied "the kid is my sister" he shot back "HEY" i screamed "first I'm not a kid im a teen, second i am never gonna un see that" "put some clothes on hazza" louis said and i heard harry stomp off only to return in his boxers "good enough" i heard zayn mumbled     "So we were thinking of going to Canada's wonder land tomorrow are you gonna come haz?" Niall asked "FUCK YEAH IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO THERE I WANNA GO ON THE LEVIATHAN AND WINDSEAKER AND EVERYTHING" Harry screamed as he looked at me "have you ever been there" he asked i glared at him "HAVE I BEEN THERE HELL YEAH IVE RIDDEN EVERY RIDE THERE!" I yelled "i don't believe you went on the leviathan" Niall said, i stood up ran to my room and grabbed 9 pictures of me on the leviathan and shoved them in his face "oooo bitch got served" louis said "im tired everyone be ready to leave at 9 am sharp" i said "yes ma'am" they said in unison.   A/N  Okay i know bad chapter but i had to get a filler in before i went to bed today so here it is
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