Im harry styles sister?!?

Hey there im talia and im 13 im an only child... Or so i thought


4. Back to Oakville

~Kaitlyns POV~   "WAIT WHAT NO SHES NOT YOU HAVE THE WRONG GIRL" I screamed in zayns face "Kaitlyn trust me Talia is Harrys sister" he said trying to calm me down, I was about to start screaming at him when the door opened and in walked Harry with Talia on his back i was just speachless.    "So its her" Niall asked "yes" was Harrys reply before he kissed her cheek and put her down, I then proceeded to tackle Talia to the ground "WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME THAT HARRY FREAKING STYLES IS YOUR BROTHER" i screamed at her "I DIDNT KNOW" she screamed back at me "YOU HAD TO -" "KAITLYN STOP I DIDNT KNOW" she cut me off and i got off of her "well shall we go and eat dinner now?" Niall asked and we all agreed   ~week later~ ~Talias POV~    So i decided im going to stay in London for the winter, but I'm going back to Oakville to get my stuff, Harry decided he wanted to come and see Chris and Sherrie so were going back for a week then we come back to london. By this time the boys had an interview and now everyone knows who i am, i kinda like it :3   " Stay safe Haz" louis said to Harry. "We have security guards lou we will be fine". "I no but still" he replyed   "Well kido this is it" Niall said to me "Niall im going to be back in a week its not like im gonna leave for 6 years" "i know im just gonna miss you" he said, i just gave him a hug    "BOYS GUESS WHAT" harry screamed "What" they all said in unison "chris said you can all come to oakville and i already talked to the flight people U GUYS ARE COMING TO CANADA WITH US" well that was a change of plans but okay "but we dont have any clothes" zayn said " you can borrow some of mine" he replyed "guys lets go before this plane leaves without us" i say and we board the plane, oh god this is gonna be a long week
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