True Blue

You think that once you see your family you'll grow to love them. or once you see you're baby girl you'll love her, right? Well, maybe to your family it is.

This is the story of Blue Skyes and, though it's not a pretty one, it may have a happy ending.

In this story Blue meets her worst nightmare, who turns out to belong in her dreams. One Direction may be nice lads ON camera, but what about OFF it?


3. 3

I woke up the next morning to loud shouts and a scuffling at my feet. Where am I? Oh yeah. Hey, I recognise that dog. Oh Goo. That means HE is back again, with his friends too.

"Sorry pup, but you have to go." I whisper. "Your boys can't find me."

Why did I expect that pup to listen? It's his dog and it will be just like him. He doesn't listen so why should it? All it did was a very loud bark to which I rolled under the nearest hedge.

"Hey, was that Loki?" An English accent asked.

"Yeah. Let's go check it out!" That Irish accent I hate said.

No, no, no. They can't come over here! Help, Superman! Batman! Finn and Jake? Aquaman? Annnd too late. Here they are, beside my hiding spot.

"Is that a wire?" English, but a deeper voice than the last one.

"Pull on it." English, And its the higher one from earlier. WAIT!! Did he just say pull the wire?! OW! They pulled the wire. I reach down and touch my ankle. It's wet and sticky.

"Shit." I say and then cover my mouth.

"Huh? What was that?" That's the Irish one. "Lou, pull the wire again." Apparently "Lou" does what he is told.

"Oww! Ok Stop It!!" yeah I shouted that a bit too loud. The wire wasn't being tugged on anymore. And then there was a head of messy curls in front of my face. :l

"Guys? There's a girl under here? What do I do?" He asked

"Move? So I can get out? Please sir?" I asked politely, afraid of being hit. He moved and I crawled out. I was immediately tackled to the ground on my back by a dog. I just froze.

"Loki, no. Bad Loki. Get off the poor child!!" That was Irish, so that means blue eyes blonde hair. He pulled Loki off me and stepped back to look a me. All five mouths dropped. And the blonde one had recognition and fear in his eyes.

"What?" I asked and the one with the quiff took out a mirror and handed it to me. Oh crap, I have cut all over my face and four cigarette burns by my left eye. I handed him back his mirror and thanked him. "I'm sorry but if you could just hand me that knife I'll cut the wire and be off thanks."

Blondie lifted the knife and cut the wire himself. After he stepped back I got up, thanked the all and limped off. I hear footsteps after I sit on a swing. I look up to find Blondie in front of me, I shrink in a bit and his face looks filled with guilt and hurt.

"You're the kid from next door, right?" I nod.

"Well, what's your name?"


"We'll give you a ride home." I shake my head no, but the guy with the quiff comes over.

"Ni, you know her?"

"She lives next door, we're giving her a ride home."

"No, honestly please. I can walk home." I say but the quiff one lifts me and carries me to the car. I'm put in the middle seat at the back with Blondie and Curls at each side to stop me getting out. I just shrink into the seat and hide my head in my arms, that are rested on my knees, and silently cry.

I am Blue Skyes and I am terrified.

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