True Blue

You think that once you see your family you'll grow to love them. or once you see you're baby girl you'll love her, right? Well, maybe to your family it is.

This is the story of Blue Skyes and, though it's not a pretty one, it may have a happy ending.

In this story Blue meets her worst nightmare, who turns out to belong in her dreams. One Direction may be nice lads ON camera, but what about OFF it?


2. 2

I woke up the next morning outdoors... How did I get here? And where even am I?

WAIT!! This is the park... Near the airport! Oh no... NO! He's kicked me out! As soon as i realise this I just straight up break down and cry. On the ground, in the mud, like a tramp. I hear a rustling, who's that? Oh, it's fine, it's only a puppy... and five older boys who look around 19 or 20. I can't get up... WHAT!? Oh Goo. He tied my feet together, the heck is wrong with him!?!

"Shit, Shit!" I mumble, trying to roll into a hedge. "OW SHIT THORNS!" Oops, i shouted that didn't I!? No! I recognise that one! The bloned haired, blued eyed one. OH HELP! He bullied me, he lived next door and worse still, he doesn't know what happens at home. Oh Goo, he's coming over, with his friends. I pull up my hood just as the puppy reaches me and im sitting under the hedge. He sniffs at my hands and licks the cuts on them. But his owners are on their way too, I can't untie my legs the wire has be welded together.

I can't run, because of the wire. I can't hide, because of the puppy. Annnd now they're too close to do anything... great. Ok, just breath. *WOOF* Oh Goo, I almost died there. O...Ok I can't breath, can't breath and I'm still crying. Ok, I'm fine, I just can't move is all.

"LOKI!" That isn't an Irish accent... He's English! I brush my bangs out of my eyes and notice that the dog has gone to it's owners. That's good. I think the owners have left now, so that means I am now alone in a cold park and I don't have a phone or a jacket and I cant move. Great.

I don't think my dad wants me home, and I can't phone Kieran to get me. Oh, and I can't feel my feet. Hey, what's that? SCORE! Pocket knife, I can cut the wire off now. I just have to get to the knife... OWW! Ok I'm also tied to the tree. Fun. And don't think "Oh just take off your shoes and slip your feet out!!" No, that won't work. Why? I'm not wearing shoes. yeah.

It's dark now and as I slip to a horrible sleep, I remember: "I am Blue Skyes, I have nobody, I am 15, I'm broken and scarred. I am Blue Skyes and I am scared."




Ok I know this was only chapter 2 but I was wondering what you think?

School has started back again so I won't be able to update as much because I have my GCSE exams this year. This is my first ever Movella and I hope you like it :)


        Sophie xx


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