True Blue

You think that once you see your family you'll grow to love them. or once you see you're baby girl you'll love her, right? Well, maybe to your family it is.

This is the story of Blue Skyes and, though it's not a pretty one, it may have a happy ending.

In this story Blue meets her worst nightmare, who turns out to belong in her dreams. One Direction may be nice lads ON camera, but what about OFF it?


1. 1

Stranger: hey

You: hi

Stranger: ASL?

You: 15, f, Mullingar, Ireland

Stranger: 19, m, London, England

Stranger: name?

You: you can call me misfit, if we ever talk again.

You: Sorry, i have to go, i need to get home...

Stranger: continue this later misfit.

You have disconnected...


And then i run out of the library. I need to get home before HE does. Oops, as I reach the door to the house i see his car. "GIRL!!" He calls as i open the door. "Where in the world have you been!?!" I flinch.

"Sorry sir. I was only studying at the library." I mumble as his stench gets ever closer to me. And then it hits me, or better still, he does. I don't move, don't cry, don't feel. this has been going on for almost nine years now, i can't feel it anymore. Or so I thought, untill i got a kick to the head, and i blacked out.

I open my eyes hours later, trying to remember what happened. Oh, right. I walk into my room and read my walls. 'I am Blue Skyes. I am 15 years old. I have a dad and an older brother, but no family.I am Blue Skyes, and I am scared.' Soon enough it's morning and i haven't slept. It's Friday, but it's summer so there is no school.


Stranger: hi  :)

You: hey

Stranger: ASL?

You: 15, f, Mullingar, Ireland

Stranger: 19, m, London, England

Stranger: Misfit?

You: hi

Stranger: how're you?

You: I don't know

Stranger: ??

Stranger: okay? well, i have to go, I'm about to land in Dublin. Maybe I'll see you when i get home?

You: Maybe. :)

Stranger has disconnected...


I get home and read the last thing that I wrote on my wall: "I am Blue Skyes, and I am scared."

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