Zayn Malik's not so Little Sister

Tiffany Alvord Malik is zayn Malik's little sister. She is only 16. She is dating Niall horan, and Niall is 19. Tiffany's mom and dad made her date Niall. She doesn't like Niall, the one that she likes is Harry styles. Zayn Is Ina a band named one direction. What happens when Tiffany breaks up with Niall, would he take it good or bad?? Would Harry styles fall in love with her too?? Would another of the one direction boys fall in love with her too??

FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN Zayn Malik's Little Sister!!!!......


1. Characters:

Hey my lil carrot heads these are the characters that are going to be in this movella... But don't worry the chapter is going to come next... The main picture on top for the movella, it has Harry in it because Tiffany likes him. So I didn't out zayn, but zayn is her real brother.

tiffany Alvord..... As Tiffany Alvord malik. ( zayn's little sister )

Zayn malik as Tiffany's older brother....

And the rest of the boys. 

There might be more characters but, I still have to figure out more characters...

hope you like it my lil carrot heads..

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