Zayn Malik's not so Little Sister

Tiffany Alvord Malik is zayn Malik's little sister. She is only 16. She is dating Niall horan, and Niall is 19. Tiffany's mom and dad made her date Niall. She doesn't like Niall, the one that she likes is Harry styles. Zayn Is Ina a band named one direction. What happens when Tiffany breaks up with Niall, would he take it good or bad?? Would Harry styles fall in love with her too?? Would another of the one direction boys fall in love with her too??

FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN Zayn Malik's Little Sister!!!!......


2. Chapter 2:

Tiffany POV:

Tiffany, I heard my mom say. Niall is here come down and take him you're room. " I'll be right down" it told her. I didn't like Niall but what could I do. Nothing!! my mom and dad forced me to date him, zayn and Niall don't know. Niall thinks I really like him. But I really don't!! the thing is that niall is older than me, and he gets horny allot and i dont want to give him nothing right now!! I go downstairs and say hi to Niall and give him a kiss on the cheek. " let's go upstairs " I tell him. " yeah " he replied. When we were in my room, he let me go in first then he walked in and locked the door. I was terrified he never locks the door when he comes over. What are you doing, I tried to say but nothing came out of my mouth. " I'm feeling so horny today babe please do it with me" he said. I shook my head saying no. I got up and gave him a kiss. He picks me up and puts me in the bed. " Niall I said no" I told him because he didn't listing to me what I said. Then he got of me and said let's go downstairs. " yeah sure " I lied to him. We sat on the downstairs couch. Somebody opened the door and it was restmofmthe one direction boys. My parents weren't here anymore. Everybody started talking, even Niall. I was there watching tv. Feeling like a loser, left out right now. I stood up and went upstairs to my room. I didint close my door, just in case someone comes up here, and I don't want them knocking on the door. I layed down on my bed and watched tv. After a minute, zayn comes up here to tell me they are going to the movies. If I'm alright staying here. "Yeah sure, take my boyfriend too" I told him coldy. I didn't want to cry, but a tear fell. He didn't see though he turned around. " you want to come with us" he told me. " no I don't want to be with a bunch of boys, and a tons of screaming fans" I told him sadly. He said ok then bye. He got out of my room, I stood up quickly when he did. I grabbed allot of money and bag, and my iPhone 5. I got out of my room. To my relief the boys were about to leave. I went downstairs and I didn't look at them, opened the door and slammed it hard. I had to tie my shoes so I did. Then the boys come rushing out, and zayn says what the hell was that for, you're embarrassing me. " oh I am the boy that is leaving me alone even taking my boyfriend with him" I told him. I got up and was about to walk when Niall grabs a hold of my wrist. I say what the hell are you don't. He said you are not leaving listin to you're big brother. " no Niall, you know what were through. I'm not dating you anymore so bye" I screamed at him. I was so mad, I really want to kiss Harry. I walked away,and hid until they were gone. After I called my best friend jade, she lives by her self because her mom was alcoholic and her dad raped her. I told her if I can stay at her house to sleep over she said yeah sure. I said thanks bye see you in a bit. I went back inside my house and grabbed tons of clothes and money. I grabbed  my zayn's money and credit cards, I grabbed my money too. I grabbed my baby yorkie and walked out. It was 3:30 pm I arrived at jades house at 4:20. She soda I thought it was only for a night, I said yeah but can I stay permantly until I sought things out. Yeah sure she said. I told her the whole story and she said WOW. She said let's go to the mall everything you want ill buy. I said no I have money but thank you. She said let's go the mall was close so we walked. When we arrived we went into stores and bought stuff I had to sighn allot of autographs, they had a picture of me because I'm a singer and a sing writer but I don't write songs for the boys. I was sighting a auto graph when a girl tells me you're zayn Malik's little sister right. "Yeah I am" I told her. " oh ok can I have a hug and picture" she said " sure " I told her. After me and jade started walking and I bump into Niall. He just stares at me. Soon the rest of the boys were there. Zayn grabbed my arm and said you're coming home with us. " no " I screamed. A bunch of fans were piling up and saying ooh brother and sister fight. I didn't know what to do so I kicked zayn in the balls. He let go of me and I ran with my bags in hands jade came after me. I went inside of the bathroom fans were piling up in there. I told them please I just want to be alone. I told them crying. Until they didn't leave I got out and looked for jade. I bumped into Niall again. He was a giving me a I hate you for life look. I just shrugged. I spotted jade, I went up to her. She said let's go. You can live with me from now on. I said thank you but what about the rest of my stuff. " we'll sneak in and order a moving truck she told me. " ok with that we left.

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