The Turning Point

THis fanfiction is about a new girl called Angie shes 18, from Puerto Rico and has recently moved in to London. She likes Harry Styles but somehow ends up falling in love with the one and only Zayn Malik.


1. Lunch with the New Girl

It is my first day of school. Today I'm the new girl, something I've never been before...

"This is Angie Aponte". She introduces me. "And this is Mrs.Kemp. Your math teacher."She continues and Mrs.Kemp stands up from where she was sitting. "She has just moved from Puerto Rico and is going to start in this class". I rub my neck and try to fix my outfit. I was wearing a big, cozy and striped jumper that was white and grey, tight blue jeans, light brown scarf and black high heels. Plus my favorite purse of coarse.

Suddenly the door opens. Everybody turns their head and I do the same. "Mr.Malik..." The principle says and taps with her foot. It is a boy with black hair and a leather jacket. A  smell of smoke creep under my nose. He sits down besides the desk that is in the back of the class. "So why is the reason your so late?" Mrs.Kemp says and shows me to the seat besides a curly lad. "Hi, I'm Harry Styles." Harry says in a cheeky way when I sit down. Hello. I say back and drop my purse on the floor."I'm Angie".

The math lesson went faster than I would imagine, but sometimes I had to turn my head and take a look at this Mr.Malik. He seemed like a bad boy. And he had different type of style- leather jacket,black chinos, white t-shirt and white supra's. He sat there flirting with the girls the hole lesson and when Mrs.Kemp asked a question he just lifted his shoulders.


I walked with Harry and his friends to the cafeteria. "From Puerto Rico?" Louis, one of Harry's friends asked. Liam who is also Harry's friend too, listen closely." Yup my mom is crazy". I answer and laugh of his expression.

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