The Turning Point

THis fanfiction is about a new girl called Angie shes 18, from Puerto Rico and has recently moved in to London. She likes Harry Styles but somehow ends up falling in love with the one and only Zayn Malik.


3. English project

I groan when I see him, because he is so annoying and I hate him. Yesterday we started on a project together and he did nothing! Nothing at all!!! He tried to flirt with me, but I just ignored him. "OK" he says when I tried to explain what to do. "Seriously". "I want to get a good grade on this presentation". I say and pack my stuff."Me too".He says but I roll my eyes. I know he doesn't care. I walk out the classroom and meet Harry. "What's wrong?" Harry asks, but I just lifted my shoulders. Like I'm confused or something, but I know exactly what he means.

"Which subject do you have next?" He asks and makes eye contact. "Oh ill check". I say and check in one of my school books. I groan and throw the book back in my bag. "What?" Harry asks confused and grabs my arm. "English". I mumble and walk to my locker. Harry walks to another direction and leaves me alone."Hello babe". A voice says and I turn around to meet him. Zayn the schools bad boy."Perfect"."Hi!" I mumble and take the books I need befor I slam the locker. "Why are you avoiding me?" He asks. "I don't". I say a bit too fast. He gives me the seriously look before he leans against the lockers.

I look away and walk to my class, ready for another class with English. Since I know Harry work much , I sit I front of the class and tart reading. The bell rings and people stream through the door, also Harry. Surprisingly he comes to class on time. On my way to my desk he slaps a girls butt and smirks like crazy in my direction. I pretend like I didn't see it and just work with the project. "You are avoiding." "Don't even say that you don't". He says and still smirks. "I don't" I say and watch him flirting with the same girl he slapped.


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