When We Run

Your life can change in a heartbeat.
I walked downstairs and when I came back, everyone was dead and everything was over. But I survived and I ran.


6. 6.

"Wait!" he calls. Steeling himself, he runs towards me. "I'm coming with you.

I frown. "Why?"

"Your ribs." he gestures to them. "They're safe enough in the brace but something could go wrong with them. You'll want me to be there if something goes wrong, so yeah." he shrugs and we start walking again. "Where are we going?"

"To where the main high school used to be. Can you find it?"

He nods. "Just follow me."

So I do and surprisingly enough, we're at the school within ten minutes. I'm glad Evan had food and water in that little room of his otherwise I would be exhausted right now. But I just want to find Sam.

"Sam!" I call out. Nobody answers "Sam!" I shout this time.

"Shhhh!" Evan hushes me. "Just call his cellphone."

I blush, realising how obvious that is. He always finds a way of just straight away thinking of the obvious answer. Getting my phone out, I dial Sam's cellphone and he picks up on the first ring. I sigh, relieved.

"Hol." he says, equally as relieved. "You're okay."

"So are you!" I breathe. "Okay where are you? I met a guy and he knows where we can stay to be safe . I've been there, it's fine."

"I don't know where I am. It's where the school is. I'll stand up, you might be able to see me."

He's right, I do. I shove the phone at Evan and run, not very gracefully over to Sam. He opens his arms and holds me tight. I wrap my arms around him and bury my face in his shoulder. I don't want to let go. I've never felt so safe.

"Oh my god." I breathe. "I thought you were dead."

"I thought you were dead." he says, holding me tighter. It hurts my ribs, but I ignore the pain.

"Uh." I hear Evan say behind me. "Sorry to interrupt this little love fest, but we should get going. And you, blondie, watch her ribs, they're broken."

"You broke your ribs?" Sam asks, pulling away from the hug. "How?"

"I'll explain when we get back to the place. Are you okay?"

"Fine, don't worry about it."

Evan smirks behind us. I turn around, frowning. "What's the matter with you?"

"Nothing, nothing." he puts his hands up. We all start walking back to our hideout.


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