When We Run

Your life can change in a heartbeat.
I walked downstairs and when I came back, everyone was dead and everything was over. But I survived and I ran.


37. 37.

"Do you think they're here to stay?" I ask Evan as we lie in bed that night. Jason has gone to sleep in Sam's room and I can hear them both having a friendly debate on something. Rose and Keira are in with my mom and Jane and Jake almost had to sleep in mine and Evan's room but my mom agreed that we needed some privacy, so Jake is happily on the couch.

Evan shrugs. He once again has his shirt off and I'm trying to act natural. He chuckled when he took it off and saw my face. "I hope so. I mean, the girls and Jason are nice, even if Jake is a bit of an idiot."

"A bit? No he's full blown idiotic." I say.

"Full blown." Evan smirks. "Unlike his di-"

"Don't finish that sentence."

We both laugh and Evan kisses me. I giggle, kissing him back and he chuckles, sitting up, pulling me onto his lap and kissing me again. We don't know what we're laughing at but maybe that's what makes things nice and funny.

"Uh, get a room." we hear a voice say from the door way.

I sigh, turning around, still on Evan's lap. Jake stands there, leaning against the door post.

"We have a room." I say to him. "You're just rudely walking into it."

"Where is your shirt?" he says, ignoring me and talking to Evan with a curious frown on his face. 

Evan frowns. "Why the hell are you in here?"

"Oh yeah." the smirk returns. "I was wondering if you two could be a little quieter when you're having sex, it's keeping me up."

"We're not having-" I begin.

"Oh yeah, sorry, you two don't get any action do you?" 

"What is your problem?" Evan demands. "Can you please just get out?"

"Happily." he smiles sarcastically and slams the door behind him.

Me and Evan stare after him for a moment and then both burst out laughing, trying to stifle our laughter. Evan holds me to him as we both lie back down and puts his hand over my mouth to stop us laughing from so loud.

"Shhhh!" he hisses, but he's laughing too.

"I can't!" I whisper.

"What is with that guy?" Evan asks as we both stop laughing.

"No idea." I shrug.

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