When We Run

Your life can change in a heartbeat.
I walked downstairs and when I came back, everyone was dead and everything was over. But I survived and I ran.


25. 25.

We all decide to go to bed. Sam gets his own room, my Mom and Jane share a room and Evan and I share a room. The whole place is actually quite cosy. In the living room, the sofas are all mismatched and there's a colourful rug. In our room, the blankets are all colourful and every room is lit up by candles, creating an orange glow.

Evan and I are both tucked up in the bed under many blankets and resting on many pillows, warm even though it's cold out probably. He has his arm around his waist, holding me to him and we're both laughing but we don't know what about. We're trying to be quiet because everyone else has been asleep for hours, but we have been trying to keep quiet and failing and for some reason, we can't stop giggling.

"Shhh!" he says but he's laughing too.

"I don't know what's funny." I whisper, giggling.

"Me neither." he sighs happily as we both stop laughing. "I'm glad we're here."

"Me too." I say. "It takes the pressure off us a little bit."

"I feel a bit more peaceful too." he says. "I know you're okay when we're here."

I laugh. "Is that seriously what you worry about?"

He grins. "Yeah. Why? Do you not care about me?" he jokes.

I push him but scoot up to him again. "Yes, of course I do, stupid."

He smiles at me. "I'm glad."

"Remember that time you hated me?" I ask, suddenly realising we never speak about it.

"I never actually hated you." he nudges me. "I just wanted to because it seemed easier than loving you."

I look at him. "Was it easier?"

"No way." he smiles. "So much harder."

I grin. "It probably would have been easier if you just left me lying asleep in the rubble when you first found me."

He laughs. "Would have saved me so much hassle."

"Hey!" I punch him playfully.

It's a first for us. It's not that we think we don't have senses of humour, but we have just never had the chance to show it. We've had occasional little bits of banter, but we've never been able to do this. We've never been able to just relax, knowing that we're probably safe and just laugh together.

I like it.

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