When We Run

Your life can change in a heartbeat.
I walked downstairs and when I came back, everyone was dead and everything was over. But I survived and I ran.


24. 24.

We park at a random spot and follow Jane out of the car. We walk for a while so people can't trace us due to the car and the entire time, I am gripping onto Evan's hand. My mom's alive. I have never wanted to see anyone more in my life. I knew she had to be alive.

We get to a trap door which she opens and we follow her down some stairs. I am expecting one little room like Evan's but I'm shocked. We enter into a sort of living room area, with a couch and an armchair. It's really simplistic, but still nice. Then there are a few doorways which I guess are bedrooms and a kitchen. It's all very basic but still incredible that it even exists. 

"Wow..." Evan says, squeezing my hand.

"Holly's mom and I made it back when we were teenagers." Jane laughs. "We used to come down here and throw parties."

"Where's my mom?" I ask, suddenly.

"Hol?" I hear her voice.

I look and she's submerged from one of the rooms. We both just stand there for a minute, looking at each other, shocked. She looks exactly the same as when I left school that morning. A week later and finally I can see her again.

"Mom." I whisper and rush towards her.

She hugs me tight and I relax in her arms, holding her as tight as she's holding me. I can't even describe how relieved I am. I thought I'd never see her again, but she's here and she's okay. I feel her look up.

"Sam!" she exclaims. "You're alive!"

He laughs. "I am Joanne." he comes and joins the hug and it's so weird but comforting to be there, holding the two people who have always been in my life.

"Who's this?" my mom asks, pulling away from our hug and nodding at Evan with a knowing smile.

"Oh." I smile, awkwardly and go over to Evan. He chuckles and puts an arm around my waist. I didn't think that after all we've been through, it would be awkward to tell my mom I got a boyfriend.

"I'm Evan." he smiles.

"Oh." she sounds shocked, but happy. "Wow. Hello, Evan."

She walks over to us and shakes his hand. She turns to me and winks, mouthing "he's cute!".

"Mom!" I exclaim, mortified.

She laughs and turns back to Evan. "I wish I had her baby pictures to show you! She had the most adorable-"

"Mom, no." I put my head in my hands, my cheeks flushing red. "No."

Evan laughs. "I would have loved-"

"Don't you start." I scowl at him.

He laughs and kisses my head and although the whole world is kind of ending right now, my world seems kind of normal.

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