When We Run

Your life can change in a heartbeat.
I walked downstairs and when I came back, everyone was dead and everything was over. But I survived and I ran.


20. 20.

Evan's point of view.

The next morning, we all sit in the car.

"I'm starving." Holly groans, resting her head on my shoulder.

"Me too." I agree.

"And thirsty." Sam says.

We haven't eaten for a few days now and we've barely drank anything. We need food and water, but from where, I have no idea.

Sam and Holly chat away but I can't concentrate on the conversation. I mean, we were just at some headquarters of the people who bombed this, I think. They're not going to bomb the surrounding areas. We must be near a city. I decide to take a walk through the forest.

"Should we come to?" Sam asks.

"Nah, you guys stay here." I say.

I walk and walk for what seems like forever and get more on edge, the further away I am from the others. This forest is huge, we must have been so vulnerable in the little car.

But all my nerves turn to pure shock when I almost walk into a house.

I had my head down before so I hadn't noticed it, but here it stands. A huge house in the middle of a forest. If I was being cautious, I'd turn and run right now. This house has to belong to someone who was in charge of bombing. But I know that we are all starving and thirsty and that we could get food and water from this house. Maybe some answers too.

I take a minute to look through the window. There's a man, I've never seen him before but he looks important and kind of creepy. He's probably in his late forties, he is bald apart from a ring of hair around his head and he's just pacing around the house. Until he answers the front door to a girl. This girl isn't his age... this girl must be around nineteen or twenty; my age. She is wearing a very short, tattered dress and her face is smeared in makeup. She walks in and starts kissing the man.

Wow, that guy is creepier than I thought.

I run back to the car and jump in.

"Guys, I found a house." I say, in a rush.

"Seriously?" Sam asks, shocked. "We have to go in and get some food-"

"We can't." I say. "We'll get caught. There's a middle aged guy living there, he paces a lot, he'll catch us."

"Well is there any way we could distract him?" Holly asks. "What did you see?"

I shrug. "There was a girl in there, I think she was a prostitute. She seemed to distract him..."

I trail off, realising what idea I've put in Holly's head.

"No." I say. "No, absolutely not. I did not mean that."

"Why not?!" she protests.

"Wait, what does she want to do?" Sam asks, not catching on.

I sigh. "Holly wants to pretend to be a whore to distract the guy in the house, while we get food and water and snoop around to try and find something to do with the bombing."

"No way!" Sam says, shocked. "No, that's not happening."

"Come on!" Holly protests. "I don't mind doing it if it means we could get answers-"

"I mind." I say firmly. "There's no way I'm letting you go through that."

"I'll do it by myself then." she says, defiantly and gets out of the car.

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