When We Run

Your life can change in a heartbeat.
I walked downstairs and when I came back, everyone was dead and everything was over. But I survived and I ran.


11. 11.

Evan's point of view.

When I wake up, Sam has fallen asleep on the floor and Holly is still asleep on my chest. I smile, looking down at her. She is so perfect. I sigh, knowing I can't behave like this forever. We're going to leave here and move on, we're going to have to fight and it's not good for either of us if we fall in love with each other. It'll get into our heads. I hate to have to do it, I hate to have to lead her on and let her down, but it's for the best.

I still allow myself one more hour with her. Then we'll set off. I just let her sleep and I occasionally lean forward and kiss her forehead or her cheek. I don't know how or why I've fallen for her, but I can't help but feel a wave of love every time I see her. It's going to be a hard habit to beat.


Holly's point of view.

I wake up, resting on Evan and he smiles at me.

"Morning." he says.

I rub my eyes. "Morning."

Sam wakes up and I quickly spring away from Evan, hoping Evan understands the reason behind it. I'm not sure Sam would be a huge fan of a relationship between Evan and I. We have a minute in quiet just so we all wake up and Sam speaks up after a while.

"What's the plan then?" he says. "We can't just stay here, not now."

"No." Evan agrees. "We've got to move. I don't know where to. We'll go on foot and if we find other people, we'll take them. We've got to find a place that hasn't been hit yet."

"Okay." I agree. "Let's go then."

We gather a couple of bottles of water and some spare clothes in a backpack which Evan swings over his shoulder and we head up the stairs. Well we're about to anyway.

"Uh, Sam, wait by the door at the top, don't go out. I just have to have a word with Holly." he says and surprisingly enough, Sam obeys and Evan and I are left stood at the bottom of the stairs.

He's acting weird, awkward. He wont meet my eye and he's standing away from me a little bit. He just keeps looking around the room and he'll open his mouth to say something but won't say it.

"Look, Holly." he sighs, finally looking me in the eye. "We started something yesterday."

"Between us?" I question.

"Yes, between us." he says. "We almost kissed, you spent the whole night sleeping in my arms and let's admit, we're both feeling things for each other."

"Yes..." I say, feeling uneasy.

"We shouldn't."

I frown. "What?"

"We have to ignore these feelings we have for each other." he says, looking back around the room, avoiding eye contact again. "It's not helping anyone, especially not in this situation."

I laugh, sad and shocked. "You knew it all along. You knew it shouldn't happen, yet you let me fall for you just for me to be hurt as soon as I do?"

"Hol'." he says, sounding like I am the one who is being unreasonable.

"Don't call me that." I push him away and storm up the stairs.

I reach the door and fling it open, jumping out. I slam it behind me, just as he is about to climb through and it hits him on the head which gives me at least a little bit of happiness, but I'm more blinded by rage.

"What happened?" Sam asks, hurrying after me as I keep walking, though I don't know where to go. I don't answer him. 

"Holly!" I hear Evan call. I stop, sighing and reluctantly turning around. He scratches the back of his head, awkwardly. "Uh, you're going the wrong way."


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