Alex Akiya Michelle Cowell

This is some things about me that not alot of people know and how alone I am.

I don't have anybody to talk to since I have no freinds and I haven't had a boyfreind since Harry... it will make more since later. Well anyway I hope you like it and maybe somebody would like me for who I am and not what I look like.


2. Lonely

Since 4th grade I have been insecure because of one boy I sat beside. One day he just decided to say "hey alex. You are ugly and fat" I went home and didn't tell my parents but u did tell my brother. I'm kinda close to Andrew so that's why I told him. I cryed in his arms for awhile but I made him go because he didn't want to leave me. (I love my twin bro). I asked my mom if I could be homeschooled. She asked me why but I just said because I would like to try it. She would not let me if I didn't have a reason. I blew my chance. I ran up to my room and cryed. I was called back in and my parents said I could because Andrew told them what bro is awesome! Well anyway I was so exited to be homeschooled but then I realized that I would be alone either way. But then I thought again and said to myself. "I have my brother and his freinds". So it didn't bother me much. Now I have 10 people: my brother, his 2 freinds, Cammy,Thursday, and...One Direction You will understand later about the One Direction thing. I have never felt so loved by those 10 people by anyone. THANKS GUYS!!
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