The Surprise Attach

A girl named Sophia, gets invited to a Justin Bieber concert with her friend! She really doesnt like Justin at all! But she goes becuase it was her friends birthday. When they were at the concert, surprisingly, Sophia gets picked as the "One Less Lonley Girl." Does her friend get mad? Does Sophia start likeing Justin Bieber? Find out, and read this book!!!!:)


3. Seriously?


Sophia came back home, still looking disappointed. "Hey honey, back from Angela's already?" Asked her mom. "mhmmmmm" Answered Sophia in a grumpy voice. "Whats wrong, you seem a little disappointed at something. Did you guys get in a fight or something!?" Asked her mom. "No! Something even worse." Said Sophia. "Well what could be worse than that?" "So, Sophia got Justin Bieber tickets to his concert, and she invited me, and I really dont wanna go, but I said yes that I would." Growned Sphia. "Well, she can take another friend, why didnt you just tell her no?" Asked her mom. "Becuase mom! This is her celebration kinda birthday thing, I cant say no to that." Said Sophia. "Well honey, I guess you really can't. Just try to enjoy the concert.' Said her mom. "Mom! How can I enjoy it? First off, I dont know any of his songs, and second, I dont like him. He is just a selfish guy, who doesnt care about anything but himself." Said Sophia.  "I'm sure thats not true." Said her mom."Whatever, I'm going to start on my homework." It was almost 2:30 and Sophia would non-stop getting texts from Angela saying how excited she was. No matter how many times Sophia texted "Buisy, can't talk now, Bye!" Angela would just keep texting her about it. So she just focused on her homework, and kept telling herself that, "after the concert you dont have to see him again, so dont worrie." And she kept feeling better every time she told herself that.

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