It was just a normal day and then....

It was just a normal day on the beach and then.....


3. With my friends, setting off.

I arrived at Lucianna's house just in time. "Hey Abby" Sophie said as she peered in the room. "We're off now" Lucianna said, "come on guys, were off too the beach and it's an hour away". So we got in the minibus Lucianna's mum rented for us. I sat next to Jaz, jaz was my bestestfriend. Today was me, Lucianna, Jaz, Sophie and Eliza. Oh how I hated Eliza. We never get on. The minibus started and I put in my headphones while I listened too music. Jaz nudged me, I pulled out an earphone "what Jaz?", "can I have an earphone to listen to music? Forgot my earphones". "Sure" I passed her am earphone and she placed it in her ear. I changed the song to a Katy perry song. *5 minutes later* I had fell asleep..

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