It was just a normal day and then....

It was just a normal day on the beach and then.....


1. Just a normal day

This is just a normal summers day. *Alarm goes off at 8am* "Ugh" I say to myself as I get out of bed and walk downstairs into the kitchen to get some breakfast. My mums sat on a chair watching morning shows. "Abby, what time are you off to the beach with your friends?" My mom asked me. "We're leaving at 10, can you give me a lift to Luciana's house at 9:50 please?" I replied asking simply. "Okay" she smiled at me. I go and get some bread out of the cupboard and put 2 slices in the toaster, *ding*. I take the toast out "ouch" I yelp. "What's up Abby?", "nothing mum just the toast is really hot". With that I put it on a plate which mum already had out got out the butter and buttered my toast. I ate that and watched some tv, by the time I went upstairs it was 8:45. *Oh no, I better go get a shower* I thought to myself. So I quickly jogged upstairs and turned the shower one and stepped inside. *I wonder if there's any hot boys there* I thought while rinsing the shampoo out of my brown locks. As I stepped out of the shower I got a towel off the cabinet and wrapped it around me. I then stepped into my room to get ready.

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