It was just a normal day and then....

It was just a normal day on the beach and then.....


2. Getting ready

So now it's 9.10 as I looked at my iPhone to check. I dried myself and looked in my wardrobe to see what I was wearing. I put a turquoise bikini on and on top I wore some denim hot pant shorts with a dark blue crop top. I got my hair dryer out and dried my brown locks. They were curled naturally on the bottom half, so with that I put my raybans on my head. I then put some sun cream on which was in my unsuite cabinet. Not a too high factor, I did want to tan. I thought about my make-up. With that I went over to my dressing table and got my foundation and picked it up *nah* I thought to myself. *wait, what if I get wet, I don't need it.* I thought to myself again. So with that I put my makeup back and looked into the mirror, smiling at my natural face. Oh my, I did have curves. Everyone loved my figure, not being vain, but my it was quite good. I checked my phone *9:55* oh no. I ran downstairs to my mum. "MUM IT'S 9:55 WHY DIDN'T YOU COME GET ME?" I shouted. "Eh, don't shout at me missy, come on then get in the car" so I got my bag off the side which had my purse and essentials in. With that we left to go to Lucianna's house.

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