Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???



•••••> "I want the elder wand Grindelwald. Where is it?" His high cold voice ripped through the air. 

"Dumbledore! He has it of course. You don't scare me Tom Riddle. I was YOU when I was younger! Dumbledore brought me down. He has the elder wand!" Grindelwald didn't look scared but happy. He wanted to tell Voldamort his information. He seemed to be in a prison cell and he obviously didn't care. 

"Would it be in his tomb Grindelwald?" Spoke the snake like voice. 

"Of course!" The the dark ghostly figure disappeared. He travelled to a crystal white tomb which lay on a little island in the middle of a lake. He stood over it levitated the lid up a few inches. He peered inside and hovered over Dumbledore's body. He took the wand and replaced the lid. <•••••

Harry woke up. "I can't believe it!" He whispered to himself. He got up and dressed. He made himself some cereals and sat on the little sofa. After finishing, he got up, put away his bowl and left the house. 

Harry walked for about 2 hours along the beach. When he had left it was dark, however it was was now considerably lighter. He made his way back and entered the house. Hermione was in the kitchen with Ron. 

"-want to be Bellatrix Ron! She is foul and evil!" 

"But Hermione! We need you! I can be another death eater and so can Sirius. I kind of planned it out. Hey Harry." He had spotted Harry walking into the kitchen. 

"Hey. Just to let you know. I had a dream last. Voldamort has got the elder wand! It was Dumbledore's." Harry explained. 

"Oh lord! This is bad. We need to hurry up and find these horcruxes! Ok! Ill be Bellatrix. Only for the safety of humanity!" Said Hermione. 

"I love you Hermione Grainger!" Ron went and hugged her. She blushed.

"Ok Ronald. I get it." She giggled. 

"Right. So the horcrux is in Bellatrix's vault." 

"Might be." Said Hermione.

"Ok. Might be. Ill be under the cloak with Griphook. You and Sirius are death eaters. Hermione is Bellatrix. Ill imperius the goblin and were in!"

"That's sounds like a plan." Said Ron. "Let's go and tell Sirius." Sirius was sat in the living room watching the fire. 

"Good morning you three! I didn't know you were up. How are you?" Sirius looked at them in turn. "What is it? You all look like you've been hit with a happy charm." 

"Yes we have. We have got a plan! For Gringotts." Harry, Hermione and Ron sat down to explain the plan. Hermione butted in when there needed to be something logical said. 

"That sounds brilliant. Well done. Me and Ron don't have death eaters hairs though." Sirius said.

"That's fine. We can put a scar here, some hair there. You know. Just make you look different but still yourselves." Hermione explained. 

"I think we should go tomorrow." Harry looked at them all. "There is no time to waste. Voldamort now has the wand. That is a big advantage for him." 

"Harry is right." Sirius and Ron spoke at the same time.

"Glad your on my wavelength Ron." Sirius smiled at him. 

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