Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???




"There you are Neville!" Sirius walked up to him. "You haven't seen Harry have you?" 

"No, sorry." Neville kept his head down and walked away. 

"That was strange." Sirius said to himself. He walked back into the great hall and spoke to Hermione.

"Hermione, I'm going to go outside you know, fresh air and all that." Hermione nodded and Sirius walked out. He was walking to the doors when he saw a large group of people walking to the castle. He ran into the great hall.

"THEY ARE COMING!" Sirius shouted. Everyone got up and started walking towards the entrance. Sirius went back outside and they were nearly there. He saw Hagrid walking with them. He stepped out onto the rubble and waited. Arthur, Ginny, Hermione and Ron came and stood with him. Hagrid was carrying something. 

"Where is Harry?" Sirius asked the others. 

"We haven't seen him Sirius." Arthur replied. They watched as Voldamort came into the courtyard, closely followed by Bellatrix, Narcissa, Lucius, Greyback and Hagrid. 

"Who is Hagrid carrying?" Ginny asked impatiently. People muttered a few 'I don't knows' or 'probably nothing to worry about.' Sirius watched Voldamort closely. He began to speak.

"HARRY POTTER!" He shouted. "IS DEAD!" The crowd behind him laughed. Sirius ran towards them. 

"HARRY!" He began to cry, he welled up with anger. "HARRY! NO!" He ran at Voldamort. He punched him straight in the face. "NO ONE HURTS MY FAMILY!" He stared at Voldamort, who flicked his wand and Sirius went flying. He hit down onto the rubble hard. 

"No one fights ME!" Voldamort shouted. "THAT IS WHAT YOU SHALL GET!" Sirius struggled to move as others shouted and moaned about Harry's death. He couldn't believe it. Sirius didn't cry in pain, he cried in sadness and anger. Harry was not dead! He thought. He can't be! Hermione came up to him. 

"Sirius! Are you okay? Give me your hand." Hermione helped Sirius up and he staggered as his leg was in agony. Remus ran up to him as well. 

"Sirius! Mate! I can't believe it." He was also crying slightly. He hugged Sirius briefly and put his arm around him to walk.

"Thank you Remus. Ill kill him myself don't you worry!" He gasped in anger. It hurt to breath. 

"ENOUGH!" Voldamort shouted. "Harry Potter is dead. While you battled on,
He had long fallen to his knees.
While you cursed me,
He begged for mercy.
Do not despair of his betrayal,
NON of you were in his heart,
Not for one single beat."

"LIAR!" Sirius shouted along with a few others.

"From now one,
You put your faith in me!
Declare yourself! 
Be a part of us! 
Come forward and join us,
Or you will die." 

Silence fell and everyone looked on. Lucius stepped forward.

"DRACO!" He shouted. "Come on! He over here!" Everyone looked at Draco. He didn't move. But then Narcissa spoke. 

"Come Draco." In a soft voice. Draco waited a moment but left the Hogwarts students and walked to the other side. Voldamort grabbed him.

"Thank you Draco." He said. "Anyone else? Come forward!" Then Neville moved. He moved slowly but still moved. 

"Not Neville!" Sirius said. "The Longbottoms son! Never!" But then Neville stopped. 

"I want to say something." Voldamort looked at him with anger and curiosity. 

"Carry on. I wish to hear it!" He said coldly. 

"People die everyday!" He shouted. "Friends, Family. Yes we lost Harry! But we also lost Fred, Tonks and everyone else who fell. 
They didn't die in vein!
You sure will! 
Harry's heart beat for all of us!
You would never understand!" Neville pulled a long shiny sword out of the sorting hat and stood there. 

"You will pay for this!" He shouted. Suddenly Sirius looked over at Hagrid. Harry had dropped to the floor! 

"HARRY!" He shouted. "HE IS ALIVE! YES YES!" Sirius boomed. Harry scrambled up and ran out of sight. Everyone cheered and Sirius cried in glee. Voldamort blew things up and tried to kill Harry. Harry ran and ran and went into the castle. People ran out of the way so that they didn't get hurt. Voldamort walked into the castle fast and shouted.


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