Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???



Sirius opened the door and let the other two in before him.

"I hate that!" Said Harry. "I apparated  with Dumbledore a few months ago and it makes you feel all dizzy!" Sirius ad Hermione laughed. 

"Have you got a weak stomach Harry?" Hermione asked. "I thought it was ok. I apparated up and downstairs at home! It was funny because my parents are muggles." Hermione had the giggles for a while after that. 

"Harry, Hermione would you like something to eat? I'm having a sandwich" said Sirius. "You can both stay in the rooms you did last one if you want. I want to talk to you both afterwards anyway."

They ate in silence and put away their dishes. "Right" Sirius started, "what are we going to do now? I mean to do with the horcruxes." He gave a warm smile to both Harry and Hermione. 

"Well I've got the locket in my bag." Hermione searched for the locket and pulled it out. "This is a fake though! Someone beat Harry and Dumbledore to it! There is a note inside." Hermione read out the note a couple of times and Sirius stood up quickly and ran upstairs.

"I knew it!" He said whilst out of breath and back in the kitchen. "R.A.B is my brothers initials! Regulus Archaturus Black! But he died a long time ago. Voldamort killed him! KREACHER!" He shouted. A little, old looking house elf came into the kitchen.

"Yes master Sirius?" He kindly asked. He walked past Hermione and Harry and gave them dirty looks. "Blood traitors! Mudbloods! Back in the house of Black like they own it!" 

"Kreacher! Shut up! Did Regulus have a locket that you knew of? Was it the one that no one could open?"

"Yes master. But it's been taken!" Kreacher replied. "Kreacher was in diagon alley an he was wearing the locket because Master Regulus told him to when he went out. A ministry woman questioned Kreacher and took it of him! Her name was Umbridge!" 

Hermione piped up and said "oh thank you Kreacher! That's great news!"

"Dirty mudblood talking to Kreacher? How dare she! In this house!" Sirius whacked him.

"Get lost Kreacher! That is enough!" Kreacher left the room mumbling to himself. "That's great! All we need now is a plan to get the locket back! 


They planned for a couple of days non stop. Whilst they weren't eating or sleeping they were planning. Hermione had gone to the ministry building a couple of times and waited outside to spy on Umbridge and how they may be able to get in. They were ready and had a good plan. 

"Kingsley has just dropped off the polyjuice potion!" Shouted Hermione. "Harry! Hurry up they will be leaving for the ministry soon!" Sirius was waiting at the door with Hermione. 

"Ok. I'll apparate me and Harry to the alley near the ministry. Then we will wait for Alan Asquith and Lewis Gene. I sound more like Asquith so ill become him. How long will we have Hermione?"

"Well, about two hours. I would stick to an hour and a half if you can Sirius." Harry came down the stairs with his invisibility cloak and him and Sirius stepped outside. 

"Good luck you two! If you see Mr.Weasley, tell him that it's you because he wants to be updated!" The funny sensation happened again and they were whirling and spinning and the, thud! They hit the ground and were stood in a dark alley. 


Harry could see many people walking past the alley. He walked to the end of it and peeked around. He could see the two men walking down the road. "Sirius quick!" Said Harry. He ran toward Harry and waited. 

"Ok Harry. 3.....2.....1!" They both snatched one man and held them there. Sirius got out his wand. "Unconshio maxi!" He said to Asquith. "Unconshio maxi" to Gene also. They both laid the men behind the bin and snatched some hair. Sirius magicked two cups and gave one to Harry. Harry shared half of the polyjuice into each cup and added his hair. 

"This will be funny!" Said Harry an he drank his potion. After about a minute they both look exactly like the men they had snatched and they put on some different clothes. "Let's go then I guess." They set of out of the alley and proceeded towards the entrance. They waited in a long queue and finally got to the front.

"Flush in" said Sirius. Harry went into the cubicle and stood inside the toilet. He pressed the button on the toilet and down he went. He span like he was apparating and finally ended up in a large fireplace which he stepped out of and waited for Sirius. 

Harry was a tall man with blonde hair and slightly wrinkly around the face. He wore glasses like Harry's own body and wore smart sharp suits. Then he saw a similarly tall man step out of the fire place. He had black short hair and looked rather young. But he wore slightly shabby clothes and didn't look as smart as Harry. This was Sirius, who was actually Alan Asquith, he was one of the workers in the department for magical law enforcement. Harry who was Lewis Gene, was the deputy head for the magical law enforcement. 

"This is funny Lewis" said Sirius. "We are both working on a big manhunt to find me! Haha." He said in a quieter voice. Harry chuckled and they headed of to the lifts. 

"There's Mr.Weasley!" Said Harry. They walked towards him and got in the same lift which luckily was only occupied by the three of them.

"Good morning Arthur!" Said Sirius happily. "How are you?" 

"Fine Alan, how's the hunt for Sirius Black going?" Arthur asked. 

"Well, not too good actually, because he has used a potion and is now me!" He boomed a laugh and Arthur said.

"Ssshhh! Thats the deputy for law enforcement he will hear you!" Harry turned around.

"Mr.Weasley it's me! Harry!"

"Oh! Ha! Well done getting in here you two! How's it going?" Arthur was surprised by them both.

"Well we are heading up to Umbridge's office now to get the locket. Hopefully she is in there as well." Explained Harry. 

"I saw her going up there earlier, you should be fine." Arthur answered.

"That's great Arthur thanks!" Sirius said and after a couple of stops Arthur got out of the lift. "See you soon Arthur!"

"Yeh and you harry! Goodbye!" Arthur walked off and a couple of men got into the lift. A few more stops went by and then Harry and Sirius got out. They walked through the corridors but couldn't find the office. 

"Harry. I think it may be this way!" Sirius pointed down a corridor to the left and walked on, Harry followed. 

"Good morning Alan! How are you Lewis?" Said a man who strode past in good spirits.

"Good morning!" They both answered. "Here it is!" Said Harry. He pointed to a door with a gold shiny plaque on it, which read:


"Horrible! Well let's get it sorted then!" Sirius knocked on the door and a stern but frail little girly voice answered.

"Come in" they opened the door and walked up to the desk where she was sat. "Please sit down gentlemen! What is it that i can help you with?" She looked at them, puzzled but also determined. 

"Well Madam undersecretary, we think there is a positive lead on recapturing Sirius Black!" Said Sirius (Alan Asquith). 

"Oh really. Is this true then Gene?" She looked at Harry.

"Oh yes madam. We believe there was a sighting near here! The ministry itself!" 

"This is great. Where was it? What is your name again?" She asked whilst then looking at Sirius. 

"Sorry madam. My name is Sirius black and he was sighted in the ministry!" He gave his hearty laugh and stood up quickly. He drew his wand and pointed it at Umbridge.


"UNCONSHIO!" He shouted. Harry ran around the table and quickly looked in the draws. 

"Got it!" He pulled it out of a bottom draw and put it into his pocket. 5 men then ran into the room and halted whilst staring at Harry and Sirius. "It was Sirius black! He apparated out of the room after putting the unconscious spell on madam Umbridge! We shall leave!"

Harry and Sirius rushed out of the room and hurried along the corridor at a fast walk. Three of the 5 men ran past them and out of sight. They reached the lifts and jumped into one.
"I got it!" Boomed Harry as he showed Sirius the locket. "My scar hurts! It must be the one."

"Yes it's the one. I remember it from the draw in the living room. My brother wasn't killed by Voldamort! He was scared and tried to get rid of him instead! I can't believe it!" Sirius seemed happy but also sad. They didn't speak until they got out of the lift. 

"This way I think Sirius!" Harry said in a low voice. They hurriedly walked past the large fountain and toward the fireplaces. "Sirius! Your changing back!" Harry looked at himself, he was as well.

"RUN!" Harry and Sirius ran toward one fireplace and heard people shouting behind them. 




But finally they reached the fireplace and jumped into the bright green flame without a single look behind them. Within seconds they were on the number 12 step once again. They went into the house and both breathed a sigh of relief. 

"God that was scary!" Harry said. "I thought we were going to get caught! All them people shouting and running after us." He held his heart and was out if breath.

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