Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???



Harry sat down at the little table and waited for the others. Hermione can in first.   "I'm so glad you had the spare tent Hermione. That bag was a miracle."    "Thanks Harry."   "Right. I think we should go to Hogsmeade now. We need to get into the castle." Sirius had walked in. "What were you saying about basilisk venom Hermione?"   "Well. It destroys horcruxes. You can smash it with a fang."   "There is no way we can get into the castle. We would probably die trying." Said Ron. "It's ridiculous but I wouldn't let you down. What's the plan?" They all chatted about Hogsmeade and then decided to pack the tent up and get ready.   "Are we all ready? It's dark so that will give us a bit of an edge." Sirius grabbed Harry's and Hermione's wrists. "Grab Hermione Ron. Lets go." The swirling engulfed them and they hit hard ground. A horrible screeching noise filled their ears.    "Down here!" Whispered Harry. "Quickly." They all ran down a little side street and kept in the shadows.    "HARRY POTTER! WE KNOW YOUR HERE! COME OUT AND FACE YOU PERIL!" They all heard someone shouting. It was coming closer.    "Let's move." Sirius ushered them further down the street but it was a dead end.    "What do we do?" Hermione panicked. Ron put his arm around her.   "Don't worry. We won't die." Ron comforted.    "Great thinking Ron. Of course we won't die." Harry would have laughed but now didn't seem like the time. Suddenly they heard a door. The screeching started again.   "THIS WAY!" The men were getting closer.   "In here now!" A voice came from nowhere. "Quickly!" The voice ordered. They obliged and ran into the little house. There were a few steps and they ran down them. The man who had spoken came down the steps.   "Aberforth Dumbledore! I might have known!" Said Sirius. "How are you?"   "Sirius Black! I'm good. Mr.MassMurderer these days. I know the truth don't worry. Why did you come here? Have you all got a death wish?" Aberforth sat down. "Please, take a seat."    "We need to get into Hogwarts. Tonight." Harry said bluntly. "We have something to find."   "Oh I see. Do you know what it is? Where it is?" Aberforth stared at Harry.   "No but-"   "How do you expect to get into the castle unseen? How do expect to find the thing you are looking for?"   "I have a feeling it's to do with Ravenclaw. A small object, easily concealed." Harry explained.    "Ah I see. Luckily for you I know a way into the castle. You can go tonight. But do you really want to risk your lives?" Aberforth asked.   "Aberforth, if we find this object we can destroy Voldamort! You know that. You know what we are doing, I can see it. You are so much like Albus." Sirius answered. "Help us please."    "Fine." He got up walked over to a picture of a girl. "You know what to do." The girl disappeared. They waited but didn't speak. Hermione got up.   "Is that your sister Mr.Dumbledore? Arianna? She died young didn't she?" Hermione asked politely.   "Yes. Very young. Too young. That was due to Albus' games. He has sent you on a death wish mission if you ask me Harry Potter."    "I'm not asking you though. Mr.Dumbledore I have got to do this. It's our only chance." Harry stared into his shining blue eyes. He thought how much he looked like Dumbledore. Then everyone noticed the girl coming back. She was with someone. When she got back the portrait opened.    "Neville!" They all said.   "Harry! Hermione! Ron! Mr.Black."   "Oh Neville. Call me Sirius. Your just as polite as your parents."    "Thanks. Follow me quickly." Neville started to walk back down the passage so they all followed. Apart from Aberforth obviously. They walked for a while. Finally they saw a bit of light at the end. Neville opened the door, which was actually a portrait. He stepped out. Everyone was there! Mostly Griffindor's. they all looked up at the hole.   "Harry Potter!-"   "-Harry!-"   "-Potters back!"   They were all saying. They all got up and started cheering and clapping. Harry, Hermione, Sirius and Ron stepped out into the crowd.    "It's Sirius Black!" Someone shouted. Some people screamed and moved away. Sirius just laughed.    "Don't worry I won't kill you. It was someone named Peter." People took his word for it because he was with Harry.    "Guys settle down! Let Harry speak!" Neville shouted.   "Ok. I'm back for a reason. I need to fi-"    "Harry!" Ginny ran up to him and hugged him. "I can't believe it!"    "Hey Ginny. It's your brother over here!" Ron gave a little sarcastic wave ad she hugged him too along with Hermione.    "Hey Sirius." She smiled at him then joined Harry.   "Ok. As I was saying. I need to find an object."    "Where is it?" Asked Seamus.    "I don't know. But I do know what it will be something to do with Ravenclaw."   "Wow Harry that helps." Seamus snorted.   "If you don't like what my godson is doing, I think you should leave!" Sirius walked up to Seamus.    "Sorry." He backed away.   "Good. Now listen to Harry. Oh and Neville? Can you send a message to the order." Sirius said.   "It will be small and maybe quite well known." Luna stepped up to Harry.    "Rowena Ravenclaw had a diadem, but it is lost. No one alive today has seen it."    "That helps. Ah! But if no one alive has seen it-"   "They are dead" Luna finished. "The Grey Lady in Ravenclaw tower is her daughter."   "Thank you Luna! That helps a lot!" Harry's spirits lifted. It might well be that! He thought. 
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