Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???



Harry slowly got up and couldn't believe everything he had just seen. Severus loved his mother and didn't really hate him. He was meant to kill Dumbledore. He was working with Voldamort secretly for Dumbledore. 

Harry left the office and slowly walked down the large stone stairway. He walked to the great hall and saw everyone. He walked to his friends and noticed, in horror, all the bodies lain peacefully on the floor. He saw Remus crying and holding someone's head. He walked to him and saw Tonks. 

"Remus! I'm so sorry." He looked into Remus' eyes and saw nothing. 

"Oh Harry!" Is all he could say. He walked further and saw the Weasleys, Hermione and Sirius. They were all crying. Please! Harry thought. Not one of them, please. Hermione ran to him as she saw Harry.

"Oh Harry!" She cried. "It's Fred! He's dead!" She cried further and rushed back to the group. Harry watched speechless and sunken. Fred is dead. He thought. It can't be! He had then made the decision. He would give himself up. He started to walk away when a hand grabbed his shoulder.

"Hey Harry." Sirius said quietly. "Terrible news isn't it. Poor George, and the family. Where are you going anyway? Sneaking off?" 

"No. I'm just going to find Neville. There is something I need to ask him." With that, Sirius nodded his head and Harry went on. He was going to look for Neville. But he found him straight away. 

"Neville!" Harry said. "I need to ask a favour." Neville staggered towards him.

"What is it mate?" 

"Somehow, I need you to kill the snake. It's the last horcrux and then Voldamort can be destroyed. Please Don't tell the others. I'm going to the Forrest now." Harry turned ad walked away.

"Harry! You can't! Please!"

"I have to Neville!" He called back. "Then you can destroy him, but he needs to kill me first!" He ran out of the castle and toward the Forrest so that he couldn't be stopped. 

He wondered through the Forrest and came to a little opening. It was clear but Harry had just remembered something. He delved into his pocket and pulled out the golden snitch. He knew what it mean now.

"I'm ready to die." He said and placed it to his lips. The snitch suddenly opened up as revealed a black stone. "The resurrection stone." He said to himself. He held it and his mother, father, Fred and Tonks appeared. 

"Hello Harry." Lily said. He looked at her bewildered.

"Will you stay with me?" 

"Of course son." Said James. 

"Does it hurt? Dying?" Harry asked Fred.

"No mate. But I wish I could have spent my last moments with George." Fred answered. 

"Your son Tonks." 

"Remus will tell him of our duties. We shall have tried to make a safer world for him." She smiled at Harry. 

"Thanks everyone. I didn't want you to die for me. I didn't want anyone to die for me, I'm going to stop the fighting." Harry walked further on and held the stone tight. He walked along in the breaking dawn and heard the birds tweeting happily. This world was not happy though. Harry knew that.

Harry arrived at his fate after half an hours walk and stopped dead. No one could see him yet so he dropped the stone and waited a little bit. He heard then talking. Voldamort mainly.

"Silly boy. He has not come. We will find him. Kill him." The people laughed behind him in agreement. Then Harry saw Hagrid. They had captured him. "Let's kill the big oaf and be done. Harry shall meet his match another way." He turned around to face Hagrid and raised his wand. 

"STOP!" Harry came out of the shadows. "Don't hurt him!" 

"Harry! Why did yeh come? No!" Hagrid shouted. He was silenced. 

"Ah. Harry. You came to your fate. Well done. I am happy. I can kill you now." He laughed a cold horrible laugh. 

"I'm not doing this for you! I'm doing it to destroy you!" Harry spat.

"Oh Harry. You can't destroy me. This is the end of you Harry Potter." He lifted his wand and shouted. 

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" The green engulfed Harry and he flew back and hit the ground, motionless.

Harry began to open his eyes and saw bright white light. He got up and was in some sort of dream world. He walked around, no on was there. It looked like a train station. 

"Harry." Harry jumped and turned around. It was Dumbledore.

"Professor Dumbledore!" He was dressed in a light blue robe.

"Harry. Where do you suspect we are?" Dumbledore asked.

"Well. It looks like a vacant train station sir." 

"Alas! You may be right. It looks to be so. You look confused Harry. There is no reason to be. This is a gateway if you like. I guess if you wanted to you could board a train. Go back to life, or just stay here. His part in you is now destroyed." 

"Oh. I need to go back! I want to defeat him! It's easier now!" Harry exclaimed. 

"You are right Harry. You need to go back. Ill be off now but make sure you do the right thing." Dumbledore walked off.

"Professor. Is this all real or is it happening inside my head?" 

"Well Harry. Of course it is happening inside your head, but that does not mean it isn't real. Good day." Then he disappeared. Harry began to feel different and he was leaving this area. Blackness fell and he felt himself resume in his body. He lay there and didn't open his eyes. He heard footsteps. A woman knelt beside him. She started to whisper.

"Is my Draco still alive? Please say he is not dead." She whispered. Harry nodded his head, meaning yes. He did it slowly so the others couldn't see him. The woman got up and said.

"The boy is dead." She walked away. 

"Get the oaf to pick him up." Voldamort ordered. Harry could hear Hagrid coming towards him. He was crying. He picked Harry up gently and his big tears fell onto Harry.

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